Friday, February 10, 2012

The Power of the Internet

Internet has become a very powerful tool today. It seems that we can do almost everything in front of our PC without bothering ourselves to go outside to do those typical and old school activities that we used to do before. Though the power of Internet we can do different sort of activities like games and browsing. We can download our favorite music, movies, files and documents that we need whether for our work or other related purposes.
People can start their own business online too. Web marketing is pretty in demand today and it continues to grow and the competition in the web market gets tougher and tougher everyday.
Internet has become a one stop shop for everyone too. People can sell different sort of items , from products like bags, shoes, garments to services like plumbing, roof repair and more.
It became more convenient for the users to find exactly what they need.
People who look for houses for sale, will find in it no ease because there are so many convenient ways to look for it over the web.
There are Free Real Estate Listings available online that you can use to look for your desired property.
I think we should be very grateful that we have the privileges to search the web and get the 100% benefit from it.

Friday, February 3, 2012

I want to be a Nurse

Nursing is probably one of the most in demand profession today and our Filipino Nurses are highly in-demand abroad too. However, it is quite disappointing that almost half of the Nursing board exam takers this year almost failed. This is the highest amount of failures in the Philippines history and i know for sure that the heads of nursing association here in the country will do something to improve this very disappointing results. Perhaps, they will add additional curriculum or extend study hours.
Anyway, i know I should not be so affected by this issue, knowing that i am not into medical field and i am not a graduating student yet.I had to stop my education and gave prior to my work. Though i know i should have chosen my education first in order to earn a degree but i really need to work to support the rest of my family. But if i will be given another chance, i will definitely take a new career which can either be and IT or a healthcare professional. I don't know but for some reason, i feel like i wanted to be nurse and serve patients especially kids. How i wish i could be in a place like that medical school san jose in California that i saw over the web last night. It makes me eager to have such field and earn such degree. Who knows, i might carry that PHD on top of my name in the future hehe.

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