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Danielle Moonstar, originally codenamed Psyche and later Mirage, is a fictional Marvel Comics superheroine associated with the X-Men.
A mutant, Moonstar originally possessed the ability to create illusions of her opponents’ fears or wishes. She later developed a wide range of psionic and energy manipulation powers. She was a member of the X-Men's 1980s junior team the New Mutants and, after a long absence, its reincarnation X-Force.

Moonstar is a mutant who formerly had an empathic psi ability to create three-dimensional images of visual concepts from within the minds of herself and others. Her talent allowed her to manifest people's emotions as realistic illusions. It began as manifesting people's worst fears, many times in an uncontrollable fashion, against the will of both involved. Soon she gained the ability to control this and to manifest a person's "deepest desire." She can even create illusions by channeling residual thought and emotional impressions in an area (such as showing Wolverine a battle scene between Mister Sinister and unknown assailants, simply by entering the area where the battle had recently taken place). At first, Mirage could not control her image projecting powers and would draw and project images without consciously willing to do so. She has since gained control through training and maturity.

She also had for a time the ability to make the telepathic images manifest as psionic energy, becoming tangible entities of solid psionic force. This ability was limited in that Danielle could only sustain one illusion at a time. She often carried around a "dream spear," in order to destroy previous illusions. Many times, her powers caused her to experience sharp, blinding headaches.

When Moonstar rescued Brightwind, she became a valkyrie, and became endowed with the Valkyrie power to perceive and sense the coming of Death. As such, Moonstar could perceive a "deathglow" surrounding a person in serious danger of dying, a dark cloud or graphic visual image over people who were in mortal peril. This allowed her to save many lives. She could also perceive Death incarnate and even do physical battle with Death itself and her Valkyrie arrows were shown capable of causing pain to Hela. She has created an illusory "Cheyenne ghost-staff" drawing upon an image in her own mind and has successfully wielded it as a weapon against Death itself and the Asgardian death-goddess Hela.

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Maggott (Japheth), is a Marvel Comics superhero who was briefly a member of the X-Men.
A flamboyant South African mutant who spoke in exaggerated Afrikaans slang, Maggott was advertised as one of the strangest X-Men. His digestive system took the form of two slugs which could eat through practically any substance. After feeding, the slugs reentered Maggott's abdomen and passed nourishment into him, giving him incredible power

Digestive system replaced by a hollow cavity that houses a pair of semi-sentient slugs called Eany and Meany who bore their way out of his torso and then use powerful enzymes to chew and digest any solid object in their path, transmitting food energy back to their host to supercharge his physical strength, stamina, and sturdiness while turning his skin blue, but the slugs must reenter through his belly and release their storage internally to feed his body properly.

Unexplained psychometric power enables him to draw psychic imprints from his environment, replaying in his mind's-eye events which once took place in his general vicinity.

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Marrow (Sarah), is a Marvel Comics character, associated with the X-Men. She is a mutant whose bones grow out of her skin and can be removed from her body, providing her with potential knives and clubs as well as body armor.
As a child, Marrow was taken in by the Morlocks, a band of grotesque-looking mutants who hid in tunnels beneath New York City. As a young adult, she formed the violent splinter cell Gene Nation until, under the orders of Morlock leader Callisto, she joined the X-Men to redeem herself. She made progress controlling her powers and learning a moral code, but eventually fell in with the paramilitary group Weapon X.

She has shown herself to be a staunch team player (more-so with the X-Men than with either Gene Nation or Weapon X) who is prepared to risk her own life to protect those of her teammates. Despite her apparent disdain for humanity, she has revealed that she would like nothing more than to be able to fit in with them and be happy.

While there have been occasions that this has happened for her (in an art gallery with Colossus and immediately following her genetic redesign by Weapon X), they have never lasted long and only served to increase her anger and bitterness towards the world when they have been taken away from her.

Marrow is a mutant with the ability to enhance the growth of her skeletal structure. Initially this was uncontrollable, but after enhancement by a Skrull medical facility, and later by Weapon X, she can mostly control this, despite each enhancement having partially failed over time. She utilizes this power in many ways, including the creation of knuckle guards, spears, and projectile spikes. She also possesses a healing factor and enhanced immune system, much in the same vein as Wolverine since every time a bone is ripped out a wound remains which closes itself soon after. She also possessed two hearts to compensate for her random bone growth, so when Storm ripped one out she was able to survive. It's possible that the first heart could have regrown due to the healing factor.

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Cecilia Reyes is a Marvel Comics character who was briefly a member of the X-Men
Raised in the Bronx , she is an Afro-Latin American (originating from Puerto Rico) medical doctor specializing in trauma surgery . She has the mutant ability to project a force field around her body. Unlike most X-Men, she has no interest in superheroics, and desires only to live an ordinary life, having been forced into the team by circumstance.

Cecilia can generate a force field, described in her first appearance as a "psioplasmic bio-field" around her body which provides resistance to energy and physical attacks, and can shape or expand it to protect those nearby; however, impacts on the force field cause Cecilia pain. She also has shown the ability to wield her forcefield as a blunt force, pushing others out of her way. In X-Men (vol. 2) #100, she created spikes which could punch through a human body. While under the effects of the mutant-enhancing drug Rave, Cecilia is also able to use her force field offensively, forming it into a blade that can be used to attack enemies. The field can be raised consciously, but in her initial appearances, it is triggered by any external force used against it. While effective against external force, her field still leaves her vulnerable to attacks of insufficient force, such as gas, as seen when Colossus rendered her unconscious with a gas weapon.

Cecilia is also a capable medical doctor and surgeon, making her the only member of the X-Men who is a doctor of medicine.

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Joseph was a Marvel Comics character who was briefly a member of the X-Men.
Joseph was a clone of the X-Men’s nemesis Magneto , possessing his magnetic powers, though he was originally intended to be an amnesiac Magneto . He had a brief courtship with Rogue before dying in battle with the actual Magneto.


Joseph was discovered near a South American orphanage run by a nun known as Sister Maria. After several run-ins with "The Colonel," Joseph opted to leave the orphanage to protect the children. It was shortly after this that he encountered Rogue and saved her from the first wave of Bastion's "Operation Zero Tolerance." Rogue believed Joseph to be an amnesiac and mysteriously youthful Magneto. During this time, the X-Men first encountered the being known as Onslaught. Believing Magneto to be responsible, the Avengers sought Joseph out. Out of guilt for what he believed were his past sins, Joseph joined the X-Men in their war against Onslaught.

As a clone of Magneto, Joseph possesses the superhuman power to generate extremely powerful magnetic fields. He can employ these magnetic fields to manipulate ferrous metals and to produce a number of other effects. He has also been shown to generate electricity and electromagnetic radiation. Joseph is capable of personal levitation/flight at high speeds, and often produces a protective magnetic aura around his own body. The real Magneto has on rare occasions been able to produce a wormhole using magnetism, and to safely teleport himself and others by means of the wormhole, but Joseph has not demonstrated a similar ability.

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Cannonball (Samuel Zachary Guthrie) is a fictional Marvel Comics superhero, associated with the X-Men.
Cannonball is a mutant who possesses the ability to fly at jet speeds while encased in an invulnerable force field. The eldest of a large Kentucky coal mining family, Cannonball is one of few X-Men from a southern, rural background and has maintained the values of civility, hard work, and a strong commitment to his beliefs throughout his career as a superhero. Several of his siblings are also mutants and have joined X-Men-related teams, including his sisters, Paige and Melody, and brothers Jay and Jeb. Other siblings include a brother named Lewis, and sisters Joelle and Elizabeth.

Cannonball was a founding member of the X-Men's junior team The New Mutants. He joined The New Mutants' later incarnation X-Force, serving as second-in-command and field leader. He joined the X-Men, becoming the first member of a secondary team to "graduate". His tenure was complicated by clashes with superiors and he eventually rejoined X-Force and later the X-Men once more.
A "salt-of-the-earth", honest, well-mannered and responsible young man, Guthrie is a natural leader. Guthrie is a fan of science fiction, especially the works of Robert A. Heinlein.

Cannonball is a mutant that possesses the ability to bodily generate thermo-chemical energy and release it from his skin. This energy is used as thrust to cause his body to be propelled through the air like a rocket, at great heights and speeds with considerable maneuverability. He can control his speed and direction through sheer act of will. At first, he could only release this energy from his feet and legs, but now he can fire it from almost any part of his body, to a wide variety of effects. This energy also manifests itself as an impenetrable and virtually indestructible "blast field" that protects him from bodily harm. He can use this blast-field for the following effects: to function as a personal shield or extending it to encompass others, to shape the field around another person to imprison them, or to absorb outside kinetic impact into his own energy supply, enabling him to increase the bludgeoning power of his blows or to create explosive shock waves upon impact.

His power levels have varied over the years - but at his peak, he has been able to devastate several city blocks by plummeting to the ground from high altitude, as well as absorb (and redirect) the force of one of Gladiator's strongest punches.
He may also be a member of the immortal mutant group the Externals, due to his apparent ability to return to life after death.
This however is highly disputed

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Revanche (Kwannon) was a short-lived Marvel Comics character, associated with the X-Men.

Originally, Kwannon possessed a low-level empathic talent that allowed her to sense the emotional state of others.

Upon inhabiting Psylocke 's former body, Revanche gained telepathic abilities which enabled her to read minds, communicate with others by broadcasting her thoughts, control the minds of others, and create realistic illusions by altering people's perceptions. She could physically manifest her telepathic powers as a blade (like Psylocke's psychic blade), but instead of a small energy dagger she created an ornate psionic katana. The blade could disrupt the autonomic nervous systems of other living beings, incapacitating them instantly. Revanche could also use her psychic katana to force her way into an opponent's mind and reveal any thoughts that were originally shielded from her telepathic powers, including those of other telepaths.

Being relatively untrained in the use of her telepathy, Revanche rarely employed her abilities beyond generating psionic blades and unconsciously clouding the minds of others

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File:CABLE004 cov.jpg

Bishop (Lucas Bishop) is a fictional character, a Marvel Comics superhero who is a member of the X-Men.
Bishop was a member of Xavier's Security Enforcers (initially called the Xavier School Enforcers), a mutant police force from a dystopian future of the Marvel Universe. He traveled to the 20th century and joined the X-Men, a team he knew only as legends. A brash anti-hero, he had difficulty adjusting to the norms of the time period.

Bishop's mutant ability enables him to absorb all forms of radiant or conductive energy that are directed towards him and to release that energy from his hands. This power is passive, allowing Bishop to absorb energy at all times.

When he releases the energy, he can release it as many different forms, usually in concussive blasts of biokinetic energy, even amplified compared to the absorbed amount. Bishop can also store absorbed energy within his personal reserves, whereupon the energy increases his strength and recuperative abilities, as well as affording him a measure of invulnerability. He is also able to absorb magic energy and the psychic energies of psionics as easily as all the other kinds. However, this does not prevent him from being read or manipulated by a telepath but only sustains him and helps him to slow them down. It has been clearly stated that Bishop is also able to absorb and process kinetic energy similarly to Sebastian Shaw, but in a much less effective way

His powers make it difficult to harm him with energy-based attacks; however, he can become overloaded from absorbing too much energy, though his upper limits are unknown, even to himself. He is, however, partially vulnerable to non-energy weapon attacks. If he were to be shot by a projectile weapon or hit with a crowbar, it could harm him. He carries guns that fire laser beams and plasma charges, and through which he can channel his personal energies.

His current right arm is a prosthetic, stolen from Forge . A nuclear powered battle ready arm, incorporates in its design a time-travel device, ability to channel his energy blasts through. and enhanced strength and resilience

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Gambit (Remy Etienne LeBeau) is a fictional character, a Marvel Comics superhero that has been a member of the X-Men.
As a mutant, Gambit possesses the ability to manipulate kinetic energy, as well as a hypnotic charm. He is also skilled in card-throwing, hand-to-hand combat, and the use of a staff.
Originally a professional thief, few X-Men trusted Gambit when he first joined the group. There was consistently a source of stress between him and his on and off, although longterm, love interest Rogue. This was exacerbated when his connections to villain Mister Sinister were revealed, although some of his team members accept that Gambit honestly seeks redemption*zT2pkO2XcGYoP1LwBWmVIEPhgL3fLhbLIw2ELiSmWZfSE0A8U3JfCrhbRXdqBd1Wa22XrPY8TG0zdEP18/gambit1hk1.jpg

As the X-Men's self-described ladies man, Gambit has shown a more vulnerable side of himself over the years, especially when it comes to Rogue. Gambit remains fiercely proud of his Louisiana heritage, and speaks in a very thick Cajun accent.
One of his older traits is that he used to be a smoker, along with Wolverine and various other characters. However, with Marvel EIC Joe Quesada's anti-smoking policy, this trait has completely vanished. During the Wolverine/Gambit limited series Gambit admits he is considering quitting.

Gambit is a mutant whose primary ability is the manipulation of energy. He uses the bio-kinetic energy his body produces to convert the potential energy of non-organic matter into kinetic energy. The conversion process, referred to as charging, often results in a violent and powerful explosion. The explosion is proportional to the size of the object. With the first demonstration of his powers, he charges an object using his mind rather than through physical contact. Because energy charges his body, Gambit has greater strength, stamina and agility than any non-powered human.

At his full power, Gambit is able to charge any organic or non-organic matter within his line of sight through thought. The failure to control his abilities in his youth forced him to turn to Mister Sinister, who excised the portion of his brain stem responsible for his full abilities. Later, while he is trapped in Victorian England, he returns to Sinister to have his grey matter reimplanted, restoring his abilities to their full potential. He uses his powers to return to present-day by transforming himself into living energy which joins with the kinetic flow of the timestream. With access to his full power, Gambit is able to manipulate the potency of his bio-kinetic energy to burn, cause molecular discomfort, incinerate and create timed detonations. However, he burns out his powers after fighting New Sun. He regains them with Sage's help. Gambit is also able to heal himself by stimulating his cellular activity, although this ability has only been demonstrated once.

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Forge is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics Universe, a superhero associated with The X-Men.
A mutant with an unsurpassed brilliance in technology, Forge has had a lengthy career as a government weapons contractor. He shared a romantic relationship with Storm, and a brief affair with Mystique which led him to associate with the X-Men, beefing-up the technology at the X-Mansion. He was also a member of the Pentagon-funded mutant group X-Factor.

Forge is a mutant with a superhuman intuitive talent for inventing mechanical devices, backed up by the ability to visually perceive mechanical energy in action. This power allows him to instinctively recognize the potential and functional uses of any machine or technological device in his visual range, a skill that combined with his natural intelligence gives him the ability to conceive, design and build highly-advanced mechanical devices; and operate, modify and disassemble existing technology or create countermeasures for it. Forge's superhuman talent for invention does not mean that he is of a superhuman intellect, even a genius at invention must for the most part consciously work out the theoretical principles behind the invention and then the design of the invention itself through a series of logical steps. In Forge's case, however, many of these logical steps are worked out by his subconscious mind. Hence, Forge himself might not be entirely aware of exactly how he figured out how to create an invention of his. Sometimes, he must disassemble a device he has made to even figure out how it works.

Forge wore synthetic stretch fabric backed by micro-thin bulletproof Kevlar and thermal insulation while a member of the X-Men. He sometimes employs devices of his own invention. Most notable among these was his Neutralizer gun that could suppress superhuman mutant abilities. The only known examples of this device have been destroyed. Forge has also invented a hand-held scanning device that can detect the presence of superhuman beings or aliens.

Forge has knowledge of many scientific and technological fields.

He also possesses various mystical abilities such as spell casting through mystical training, though he rarely uses these. He possesses extensive knowledge of Native American magic.

His bionic right hand and right leg often contain concealed weapons and devices that he can use in combat. In addition, they can be outfitted with computer interfaces and plasma blasters. His skill as a hand-to-hand combatant and as a marksman from his military training were so impressive that Nick Fury offered him a job with S.H.I.E.L.D.

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Longshot is a fictional Marvel Comics superhero best known as a member of the X-Men.
He is one of the few X-Men (along with Wolverine , Cable, and Banshee) to have a relatively well defined archenemy apart from Magneto.

Longshot was created through genetic engineering by Arize. Longshot has only three fingers and an opposable thumb on each hand. He also has leather-like skin, hollow bones and two hearts, giving him superhuman speed, agility, endurance, and reflexes. He has exhibited advanced healing abilities as well.
He has a star shaped scar on his left eye from being branded. The scar is only visible (glowing brightly) when Longshot uses his superhuman powers. He was genetically engineered and augmented by magical means to have certain superhuman abilities. The mystical augmentation gave him the ability to affect probability fields through psionic means in order to give himself "good luck" in his activities. This allows incredibly unlikely events to happen in Longshot's favor. This power operates even when Longshot does not consciously will it to do so. This ability is tied into the positive aspects of his personality: should he attempt to use his powers for a selfish or evil act, or should he give up hope, his powers will fail to function or even backfire, giving him bad luck. By creating "good luck" for himself psionically, Longshot creates an equal and opposite effect elsewhere, thereby creating "bad luck" that may affect someone else or even Longshot himself.

Longshot carries cleaver-like blades, stored in a bandoleer, which he hurls with inhuman accuracy or in some cases, completely dependent upon his luck powers. He is also shown as proficient in other types of bladed weaponry. During his X-Men years, Longshot also carried a folding grappling hook and rope either carried looped around one shoulder or stored in his shoulder bag, and a set of throwing spikes which produced net-like wires between them to restrain a target.

Longshot is an extraordinary acrobat, and has superhuman agility due to having hollow bones but musculature like an Earthman's.

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