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Zafina (born April 1, 1984) is a fictional character from the popular Tekken fighting game series, making her debut appearance in Tekken 6.

Zafina was born to a group of spiritual warriors with an ancient past and as such she possesses great abilities of her own. She appears to be Albanien.

Since childhood, Zafina was raised to be a protector of an imperial tomb. Several years ago, a foreign army attacked the imperial tomb she and her group were protecting and Zafina single handedly wiped every single one of them out. Since then, the group’s guru appointed her to be its sole assassin.

In her public life, she uses her spiritual powers as an astrologist but recently she can only see evil omens, and her premonitions grow more and more intense day by day. Seeking to understand the meaning behind all of this, Zafina sought the advice of her guru, and he began to tell her an ancient tale passed down from generation to generation only to a select few. According to the tale, two evil stars (Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama) will shake the world when they come into contact, and, inevitably, the two will unite with the sealed ancient evil being protected by her group, destroying the world. Zafina considered both the meaning behind the guru’s tale and her own dire premonitions.

Zafina has a calm personality. She also appears to be threatening her opponent at times, due to her pre-fight quotes, such as "I warned you", "This is a battle you won't walk away from!", and "Death becomes you", as well as her win animation quote "Don't say I didn't warn you.". However, she appears to want to spare her opponent's life at times, due to her "Leave now if you value your life!" pre-fight quote and her "Leave now, and you may live" win animation quote. Zafina appears to be dedicated to her mission to destroy the two "evil stars", judging by her win animation quote "I must hurry".
Zafina's fighting style is Ancient Assassination arts. She has other 2 different poses that has variety of attacks on each. Because of her flexible frame and her poses, she is difficult to hit. However, her strength is lacking, causing her to do moderate damage.
One noteable trait of her fighting style is it is very creepy. Her movement seems to be that of an insects. For example, after a victory, she crawls away on all fours.


Yoshimitsu (born July 18, 1959) is a fictional character originally created for the Tekken series of fighting games, designed by Namco. Yoshimitsu made his first appearance in Tekken, and he has returned for all subsequent sequels to that game since his inception. Additionally, a seperate character bearing the same name, weapon, clan and basic information, was later carried over into Namco’s Soul series as a secret character, making his debut in Soulcalibur and returning for Soulcalibur II, Soulcalibur III, Soulcalibur IV, and the portable remake of Soul Calibur IV, Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny. It is implied that he is a descendant of the Yoshimitsu of Soulcalibur. It can also be noted that he changes his costumes with every game/tournament (although his Tekken 1, 2, 3, and 4 Player 2 outfits bear some similarity to each other). He can also be customized with items to look like his Tekken 3 costume in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection. Yoshimitsu is one of only four Tekken characters (the others being Heihachi Mishima, Nina Williams, and Paul Phoenix) to have appeared in every game in the series.

Yoshimitsu initially entered the first tournament as a decoy, so that Kunimitsu and the other members of the Manji clan would be able to steal the tournament’s funds unobserved. But eventually, he heard of a powerful sumo wrestler, called Ganryu engaging in fraud and other corrupt activity, who had likewise entered the tournament. Despite not being a sumo himself, this base disrespect for the sumo code of honour infuriated Yoshimitsu, so he defeated Ganryu, stole his fortune and distributed it amongst the poor.
Yoshimitsu appears in the live-action film Tekken portrayed by actor and stunt man Gary Ray Stearns. He participates in the Iron Fist tournament and is pitted against Jin Kazama. While Yoshimitsu holds his own, Jin eventually defeats him with a punch directly to his masked face. Yoshimitsu will go through another costume change, his features will be a samurai look with light gold armour as when Jin hit him with the guan dao it made a metal to metal clash sound. In the movie he works for Kazuya Mishima and is a master swords men.
Yoshimitsu seems the only character in the Tekken series that used a sword. (And Mokujin or Tetsujin when they're mimicking him, but they don't count as they were using wooden/iron swords. Combot also can mimic Yoshimitsu in Tekken 4 and uses a blue blade light sword attached to his hand).


Ling Xiaoyu (born June 9, 1989) is a fictional Chinese character from the popular Tekken video game series. She attends the Mishima Polytechnical School with Jin Kazama (whom she has a crush on) and her friend Miharu Hirano. Her life’s ambition is to build an amusement park for all of China to enjoy. Since Xiaoyu has been voiced by Japanese voice actress Yumi Touma since Tekken 3, Xiaoyu speaks only in Japanese despite being Chinese, even to her grandfather, Wang Jinrei, in an interlude in Tekken 5 and Tekken: Dark Resurrection. Outside of the main series, Ling Xiaoyu has appeared in Tekken Card Challenge, Tekken Tag Tournament and Tekken Advance. Xiaoyu also appears in Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2 as an unlockable character.
Even at 7 years old, Ling Xiaoyu loved amusement parks. She was tutored in martial arts by Wang Jinrei from a young age. He believed that if she were more serious, she could achieve true greatness, but he became frustrated by her careless attitude.

While vacationing in Hong Kong with her family, she noticed a yacht bearing the name: “Mishima Zaibatsu”. Knowing that the Mishima Zaibatsu was rich and powerful, she decided to seek out Heihachi Mishima and make her dream a reality. Abandoning her family, Xiaoyu stowed away on the ship. The ship’s security soon discovered her and informed Heihachi of her presence. By the time that Heihachi arrived on the scene, all of the Tekkenshu—Heihachi’s personal security force—that were aboard the ship had been beaten into unconsciousness and strewn about the deck. It looked as if the ship had been hit by a hurricane.

Amidst the chaos, Heihachi found Xiaoyu. She threatened to beat him up if he did not accept her challenge. Amused by her juvenile antics, Heihachi roared with laughter and promised to build her theme park if she won his tournament. She enrolls at the Mishima Polytechnical School, and this is where she first meets both Jin Kazama and Miharu Hirano. Bringing along her old school's trained panda (aptly named "Panda"), Heihachi teaches her to fight, much like he has taught Kuma, so that Xiaoyu would have a bodyguard. This inspired Xiaoyu to see Heihachi as something of a grandfather toward her.

As of Tekken 6, she now shares common intentions as Jun Kazama (except with Kazuya) in saving Jin from evil and from his hatred of his grandfather, Heihachi. Since Tekken 4, her goals center around Jin Kazama. Her crush for Jin Kazama has grown since they were students.

Worst Case Scenario

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Lei Wulong (born October 4, 1961) is a fictional character from the Tekken fighting game series. The Chinese characters in his name literally translates to Thunder Martial (Arts) Dragon He is based on Jackie Chan.
During Tekken 2 and Tekken 3, Lei was a respected police officer, dubbed "super cop", who put countless criminals behind bars. He was investigating the illegal hunting and trading of endangered animals done by the Mishima Zaibatsu during Tekken 2 and fought Bruce Irvin, his old partner who was working for Kazuya Mishima. Lei defeated Bruce, who escaped in an airplane, but it crashed. Before Tekken 3 he was investigating the drug dealer Bryan Fury, before Bryan was "killed."

Lei's Fighting Style is known as Ng Ga Kuen (Five Families/Five Animals Kung Fu) & Zui Quan (Drunken Fist), the latter which appeared in Jackie Chan's films "Spiritual Kung Fu" and "Drunken Master".
lso his character is based on Kevin Chan from Jackie Chan's "Police Story" series of movies.
In the times during 100ad in china, as the history mentioned about Kong Ming styled Zhuge Liang lives in Wulong's hills. Wulong supposed to be the name of the ancestors that named for the hills.


Nina Williams (born December 28, 1964) is a character from the Tekken game series. She is a cold-blooded assassin who made her first appearance in the original Tekken and has appeared in every Tekken since. She is one of only four Tekken characters to appear in each game and the only female character to have appeared in every installment. She has a notable love/hate relationship with her younger sister, Anna Williams.

Nina has a lethal fighting style, consisting of many throws, elaborate kick combos, grapples, holds, and chain-throws (something that only a few Tekken series characters have). In 2005, Nina Williams starred in her own spin-off game, Death by Degrees.

Nina is generally portrayed as emotionless, stoic, and focused. She does not smile often, as opposed to her more frivolous sister, but Nina does display a sense of humor where tormenting Anna is concerned. Nina is somewhat antisocial, and also appears to be in great psychological turbulence, most noticeably since Tekken 3. This is presumably due to the traumatic events of her life such as witnessing the death of her beloved father (before the events of Tekken) as a young child, the results of her "cryosleep", which resulted Nina suffering amnesia. Two more events that may have contributed to Nina's cool demeanour are the discovery that she has a son, Steve Fox, who was created by in-vitro fertilization without Nina's knowledge during her "cryosleep" and the deep-seated enmity between Anna and herself.
Ever since her debut, Nina instantly became a fan favorite, due to her speed, lethal moves, and chain throws. Her strength is on par with most characters, and she can even evade and counterattack. Her combos are something to watch out too, as they are elaborate, strong, and even lethal. However, her chain throws are difficult to perform that it requires precision and patience.

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Anna Williams (born August 15, 1967) was introduced in Tekken. She is trained in bone breaking martial arts (koppo) and aikido, and she almost always appears in her trademark red silk dress and/or a blue version of it. With a flirtatious demeanour and seductive laugh, she is something of a femme fatale. Anna has a sibling rivalry with her older sister, Nina Williams. She has been in every game, except Tekken 4. However, she returned in Tekken 5. Anna was featured in Nina's Arcade mode ending, in which she accuses Nina of stealing one of her shoes. She was also featured as Nina's sub-boss in Tekken, but did not become a playable character until the console version of the game. In contrast to her sister's cold attitude, Anna is sociable and often flirts either to her friends or opponents. Seducing her targets is her key to carry out her assassinations successfully.She is also known for her fashionable and inappropriate clothing during combat. Despite Anna's fierce rivalry towards her sister, Nina, she still cares for her and as shown in her endings, both of them are in good terms. Anna is more inclined to reach out to her sister and is dedicated to bring Nina back no matter what it takes.

Another notable thing about Anna is that she joins forces in the people who are considered "evil" (G-Corporation's Kazuya Mishima wants to take over the world) in order to either reunite with or try to attack Nina, while Nina joined forces in the Mishima Zaibatsu in which the CEO, Jin Kazama (who is considered "evil" until you realize his true ambition), has a hidden motive - that is, to save the world.
Anna share some moves with Nina ever since she debuted in the series. As the series progressed, she has her own moveset but still sharing some of her sister's moves. Her attacks have an added grace and poise with them, unlike her sister's serious and direct attacks that can result Anna being a bit slower than Nina and her chain throws are fewer than her sister's.


Feng Wei (born January 7, 1981) is a fictional Chinese character from the Tekken franchise of fighting games.

As a boy, Feng Wei was raised as a disciple by a Kenpo master who was so skilled he was known as Shinken (literally God Fist). At 20 years of age, Feng was the best student his school had ever seen. When his master scolded him for fighting outside the dojo, Feng killed him. Now Feng seeks the secrets of the God Fist scrolls stolen by the Mishima family, and enters the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 to do so.

Asuka Kazama and Lei Wulong have connections with this ruthless, merciless Kenpo fighter. Feng severely beat Asuka's father and destroyed his dojo in his search for the scrolls. Lei is trying to capture Feng for his similar actions in China.He manages to retreive the God Fist scroll in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, and after reading and studying the vague scroll, he is seen practising his new powers, and manages to destroy an entire mountain in a single strike.

Feng Wei was successful in retrieving the treasured "God Fist" scroll from the Mishima Zaibatsu during The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. The scroll merely stated, "Destroyer of all styles, the one true ultimate style, it transcends the power of The Dragon God, which exceeds all human ability." Dumbfounded, Feng Wei receives information about The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6, and, seeking more information, he once again looks towards Japan.
Due to his appearance and fighting style, his design may be based on Retsu Kaioh from the anime/manga series Grappler Baki.


Baek Doo San (born June 26, 1957) is a fictional Korean character in the Tekken fighting game series. His name comes from the Baekdu Mountain.

He first appeared in Tekken 2 as the sub-boss of Marshall Law. According to the storyline, Baek accidentally killed his father during a sparring session. As a result, Baek went on a rampage, destroying several dojos. One of the worst hit happened to be Law's.

Baek's ending shows him sitting on a bench outside a park. He takes out a locket containing a photo of him and his father. Baek reminisces about his training sessions with his father, remembering the great person he was and how much he loved him. Remembering his father for the man he was, Baek finally accepts his father's death, finding peace within himself.

According to the Tekken 3 storyline, Baek was presumed dead after encountering Ogre, the fictional Aztec God of Fighting. One of his closest students, Hwoarang, entered The King of Iron Fist Tournament 3 to exact revenge for his master's death and to have a rematch with Jin Kazama, the only fighter who had ever fought him to a draw.
Several male characters from the Tekken 2 lineup returned in Tekken 5, including Baek. According to the Tekken 5 storyline, his encounter with Ogre had left him in a coma, not dead as initially presumed. He woke up over a year later, after his student Hwoarang had already competed in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 3. Baek then began teaching Tae Kwon Do at military bases. Hwoarang was drafted into the South Korean Military, but he ran away to compete in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4. When he was arrested by the South Korean Military Police, he was informed that Baek was alive.

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Miguel is a fictional character in the Tekken fighting game series. Along with Zafina, Leo, and Bob, Miguel is one of the new characters that was first introduced in Tekken 6. He also appears in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. Miguel will also return as a playable character in the upcoming Tekken Tag 2 Tournament. His full name is Miguel Caballero Rojo. He was referred to as "Manly Man" before his real name was confirmed.

Despising the thought of having his life in the hands of other people, Miguel sought to live it on his own. Even after being raised by strict parents, his bloodthirsty personality found him starting fights with people around him and caused him to be seen as a rebel. Countless arguments with his parents forced Miguel to leave home at the age of 15, but he soon found sanctuary at a bar he visited often. He trusted no one except his kind-hearted sister whom he cared about more than anyone. She visited him secretly without their parents knowing about it. Some time later, Miguel’s sister told him that she was to be married. Miguel, being outraged by this, thought of killing her fiance. Not wanting to break his dear sister's heart, Miguel decides against it.

Miguel is portrayed by Roger Huerta. He is the only Tekken 6 character to appear in the film, and is renamed "Miguel Rojo". He participates in the Iron Fist tournament and faces Jin Kazama. Despite holding his own rather formidably, he is defeated by Jin when he crushes his leg and is beaten unmercifully, nearly killing him.

Nothing much is known of Miguel yet, as he has only been featured in the last two recent Tekken games. He is a rather blood-thirsty and rebellious character, whose reckless nature can be seen as both his weakness and his strength.

Miguel is depicted as an undisciplined Spaniard with a very intense passion for fighting, which often brought him into conflict with others. Despite being born in a conservative family, his wild and unruly nature made him the black sheep.

Despite his negative side, Miguel is shown to be capable of love, especially in the case of his sister, whom he grew to trust and treasure. However, Miguel’s extreme over-protective concern for his sister made him consider killing his future brother-in-law, though he decides against it for the sake of her happiness. Miguel has also been frequently described as the "manliest man" in the series due to his big, towering figure and his oppressive aura of anger and power. Most of his customization options feature the theme of manliness, like muscle shirts, unzipped leather coats, and facial hair, and his outfits prominently feature his muscular and chiseled figure.

NAMCO stated that Miguel has no formal martial arts training and that he does not use or follow any formal style or discipline. Instead, he brawls his way out of any fight. Making use of his brutal strength and raw muscle-power, his self made "style" confuses and disorients opponents with wild, powerful blows.


Roger is a fictional character in the Tekken fighting game series. He wears boxing gloves, much like his counterpart Alex . He is a genetically engineered kangaroo with the ability to fight. Roger is a palette swap for Alex, whereas both Roger and Alex are replaced by Roger Jr. from Tekken 5 onwards.
Kazuya Mishima took over the Mishima Zaibatsu from Heihachi. The Zaibatsu became more corrupt than ever under Kazuya's leadership and engaged in many illegal activities such as assassination, extortion, drug dealing and the smuggling of species. Kazuya also recruited Doctor Boskonovitch to work for him. One of the projects he was commanded to work on was creating genetically engineered creatures. Through Boskonovitch, modified animals were created with DNA samples. Roger was created from Kangaroo DNA, whereas Alex was created using DNA from Dromaeosaurid fossil samples.
Roger Jr. (born October 22, 2003) is the son of the original Roger. He replaces his father and Alex as a playable character in Tekken 5.
Roger has a genetically engineered Kangaroo wife, who gave birth to their son, Roger Jr. Roger Jr. also wears gloves like his father, as does his mother. It is unknown where they learned to fight, but it is speculated that Roger taught them.


Lili (born November 3, 1991), is a Monegasque 16 year-old girl in the Tekken fighting game series. Along with Sergei Dragunov, Lili is one of the two new characters that was first introduced in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection. She appears in Tekken 6 and Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. She is the only daughter of a wealthy oil magnate in Monaco. She resides in a very luxurious suburban mansion with her father, and her butler, Sebastian.

Four years ago, Lili struggled violently to free herself from a group of kidnappers.She unexpectedly took out one of her captors, and at that moment, she first realized that she took pleasure in defeating her opponents. This does come with a setback. Deep down inside, Lili is a gentle person. However, she only wants to please her father, whom she knows loathes fighting.

Nothing much is known of Lili yet, though she appears somewhat compassionate. However, deep down, Lili is a gentle person and a very sweet young lady. Lili has been often described as a "graceful" fighter in the Tekken series. Lili is only 16 when she first debuted. In general, Lili seems to strive for grace and poise with every movement — even and especially during fights. She is also very confident in her fighting abilities, as shown by her winning and pre-match quotes. Her behavior, however, is split between efforts to sate her own need for fighting and a deep love for her father, who abhors violence. As an example of the latter, before fighting her Stage Four sub-boss, Ganryu, Lili says that he has robust eyebrows, just like her father's.

Lili's appearance seems to portray a "sweet and kind" look. Lili is a young Monegasque teenager with honey-blonde hair with full fringed bangs that cover her forehead, and has light bluish-grey eyes. Lili is also currently the tallest human female character, standing at 5' 9'. Her primary outfit consists of a white Victorian-style dress, white boots with red socks, red-and-white fingerless gloves, and a red-and-black gingham-patterned ascot tie. Her primary outfit, and all of its customizations feature a heavy Lolita theme, popularized in Japan. Headresses, miniature top hats, and thick glasses all suggest that her second costume is an obvious nod to the Lolita fashion style, and it complements Lili to such perfection, as the Lolita subcultures strive for elegance, grace, and beauty just as she strives for in her battles.

Lili's fighting style was originally called Monegasque-Gymnastic Street Fighting Style. This style is characterized by many dancelike and gymnastic maneuvers - graceful and versatile spins, cartwheels, handstands, tumbles and pirouettes. This fighting style is probably self-learned and self-developed by Lili herself, since her father, who loathes violence, would probably never allow her to even practice any sort of formal martial arts training. This is probably why some of Lili's moves often reflect her background and personality. However, there is a trade-off from her graceful moves: speed. Her speed is below average and her moves take some time to execute, but this is not to say that she difficult to use. Lili is an easy character to master, and timing is the key to utilize her moves effectively.

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Raven is a fictional character in the Tekken fighting game series. Raven is one of the three characters introduced in Tekken 5, along with Asuka Kazama and Feng Wei , however little is said about him in Tekken 5. Apart from an X-shaped scar on his face, not much about him is known, However, according to the European Tekken 6 website, Raven is from Canada. In his Story mode, Raven will occasionally get orders from his commanding officer, highlighted by his encounters with Heihachi and Jinpachi.

An international intelligence agent considered highly skilled and iron-hearted, codename Raven. Apart from a scar in the shape of an "X" on his face, his details, including age and nationality, are unknown. Raven entered the fifth tournament to find out who or what is behind the event. Raven makes his first appearance in the opening movie for Tekken 5, as he witnesses the attack on Honmaru by Jack-4s while on a mission to look into the Mishima Zaibatsu and G Corporation, as well as the subsequent explosion. It seems that he is the first one to report of Heihachi Mishima's supposed demise. In his sub boss stage he fights Yoshimitsu and he claims that Yoshimitsu shouldn't be called a ninja for his high spirits and for the fact he doesn't act like a jerk, in Yoshimitsu's counter argument he claims that Raven is a try hard ninja. Raven was left speechless.

Raven appears in the live-action film Tekken portrayed by Darrin Dewitt Henson. He participates in the Iron Fist tournament and gives Jin Kazama some words of advice and encouragement before his fight with Bryan Fury. Although unlike in the game, Raven seems to be originating from G-Corp and wore a white version of his costume.


Paul Phoenix (born November 18, 1959) is a video game character from the Tekken fighting game series. He is a staple of the series and is content with proving that no one can match his strength.Paul is one of only four Tekken characters (the others being Heihachi Mishima, Nina Williams and Yoshimitsu) to have appeared in every game in the series. Paul also appears in the Namco game Urban Reign along with his friend, Marshall Law. He is unlocked by completing challenge mode.

Paul is a Judo expert and a good friend of the Law family. His mixture of karate and judo styles have achieved legendary status, but a seemingly minor complication always arises that prevents him from winning the tournament, as in the case when a traffic jam prevents his confrontation with his rival, Kazuya Mishima.

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Take note that your lawn is the first place that will be seen by your neighbors and visitors so they really deserved to be more appealing for them.
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Panda is a character in the Tekken fighting game series. She is, as her name implies, a Giant Panda. She is the loyal pet, best friend, and bodyguard of Ling Xiaoyuo. She has the same fighting style as Kuma, Heihachi Mishima's pet grizzly bear. Kuma seems to have a crush on Panda. Like Xiaoyu, Panda made her debut in Tekken 3.
Panda is the bodyguard of Ling Xiaoyu and was taught the same fighting of Kuma the second and Ling Xiaoyu but she didn't use Ling's moves. Panda lost in the tournament by who is unknown, she knew that Kuma had a crush on her, but she dislikes him, but to like him just a little. After then she just left school to go home with Ling Xiaoyu.

In Tekken 4, Panda is given her own story. In this story, it chronicles Panda as missing Kuma somewhat, and throughout her prologue, she is seen thinking about Kuma. In her Tekken 4 ending, she hands over control of the Mishima Zaibatsu to Xiaoyu, and then she calls Xiaoyu over to an abandoned wrestling ring. She then explains to Xiaoyu that she has decided to search for Kuma on her own and wishes for Xiaoyu to do the same with Jin Kazama.
In Tekken 5 After the conclusion of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, Ling Xiaoyu had been feeling depressed. Panda thought long and hard about how she could make Xiaoyu happy again. Panda decided that the best approach would be to find Jin Kazama. Panda searched for Jin, but she was unable to find him. One day, Xiaoyu came to her excited. "Panda, I've decided to enter The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, and I need your help once again". Panda didn't quite understand Xiaoyu's reason for entering the tournament, but she decided to help if it would make her happy


Ogre who also goes by the name Toshin in Japanese and known as The God of Fighting by the ancient Aztecs, is a fictional character in the "Tekken" fighting game series. He is the main antagonist and the final boss of Tekken 3. When defeated, he transforms into the game's final boss, "True Ogre," by absorbing the ki of either Heihachi Mishima or Jin Kazama.

Ogre's first form resembles a tall, muscular humanoid with dark green skin. It wears various types of Aztec jewelry and a large golden helmet/headdress with long purple hair. It also has a small round shield attached to its left arm (The character Devil Jin, can wear this item in the customization feature in Tekken 5).

Ogre's second form (True Ogre), stands not much taller than its first, but is hunched over to an extent. In this incarnation it barely resembles a human, with a large frame, dark brown fur, a monstrous face, a tail, wings, horns, and a snake in place of a right arm. All of the jewelry Ogre wore in its previous form disappear, save for one leg armlet. Also, in this form, the area surrounding him will become pitch black (In Tekken 3), or extremely dark (In the arcade version of Tekken Tag Tournament). Ogre's third form (From Tekken 5's Devil Within mode), is less of a drastic change from its first to second, but is much larger overall, appearing to be several stories high. In this form it is a golden and aqua color, and more closely resembles a large dragon or dinosaur. It features many more horns aligning its limbs and elongated head, and also has four large spikes protruding from the sides of its mouth. It is still unknown whether the events in "Devil Within" are part of Tekken canon or not.

Ogre's fighting style in its first two forms are a combination of seemingly random moves from various other Tekken characters. He has many moves from characters such as Wang Jinrei, Bruce Irvin, Jun Kazama, Kazuya Mishima, Armor King, Anna Williams, Kuma, Baek Doo San and Jack. It has two unique moves. The first one is called "Serpent's Venom", and the second one is called "Ancient Power", which acts like a counter move.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Christie Monteiro (born October 18, 1987) is a character in the Tekken series of video games. She is the granddaughter of the master who taught Eddy Gordo. Originally, the development team intended to create a female Capoeira fighter for Tekken 3, but felt too unconfident at the time and so opted for a male character instead. Upon her introduction in Tekken 4, Christie replaced Eddy as the prominently-featured Capoeira practitioner. Yet, with the release of Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, Eddy has been reintroduced to the canonical series as a non-palette swap character. Christie is the granddaughter of the master to Eddy Gordo, who took him in the art of Capoeira during his time in prison. While in prison, Eddy swore an oath to the Master to pass on the art of Capoeira to his granddaughter.

Christie Monteiro appears in the live-action Tekken movie. In addition, she has no relation to Eddy Gordo and is Jin's "girlfriend". Christie is portrayed by American actress Kelly Overton. This version of Christie is a Caucasian mixed martial artist instead of a Brazilian Capoeira fighter and is referenced to her video game incarnation by her fighting gear and her being trained by her grandfather. She seems to be originating from an organization called Vectrocorp.
Christie bears more than a passing resemblance to Monique Fuentes, Aishwarya Rai and Jennifer Lopez.

Christie is a video game sex symbol being featured on numerous online hottest female game character lists.

Keeping his Temple Healthy

They said that God's temple is nothing other than our body. He lives within us that's why we should do our best to keep it safe from any harm and danger. It is our responsibility to keep ourselves healthy as much as we can.
According to Corinthians 6:19, "Do you not know that your body is a temple of the holy spirit within you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own"
Which means that we should not do anything that may harm our body and we should do our best to achieve the so called optimum level. To do so, we have to battle against those "temple destroyer" practices that prevent a person from becoming.
Foods play vital role in making our body healthier but they can also be a major contributing factors that can ruin our body. Just like what they said, We are what we eat, so if you want to stay healthy then better avoid those unhealthy foods and diets. These may include salty, fatty, and sweets. Oh and also those artificial foods.
Working overnight is good but we have to keep in mind that burning the midnight oil is a very unhealthy habit that all of us should avoid. This may give you a lot of stress and weakened your immune or infection fighting system.
Vices like Alcohols and cigarette smoking can destroy your body too.
It is also our responsibility to take care of our body and make it more appealing not just for yourself but for the others too and this is where the topic about Cosmetic Surgery comes in. Well, for me, there's nothing really wrong about cosmetic surgery as long as you keep yourself in control. Remember the news about a korean lady who became so obsess with cosmetic surgery. She ended up with a very horrible result. Well, she trusted a wrong and unprofessional surgeon who reportedly gave her injectibles and syringes so that the lady can inject it on herself.
Cosmetic surgery isn't that risky as long as you deal with a trusted plastic surgery clinic like that Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery in California. I have heard so many good things about this Beverly Hills plastic surgery center and how satisfying their services are. I find it very interesting as well. They said that the center will treat you as a celebrity here and i am not wondering why many people are patronizing their services and keep on coming back. Well, if there's something that should be corrected or if there are defects in your body, well, i see nothing wrong in embracing such technology. If you see something unpleasant on you like those unwanted stomach flabs for example, then why not try los angeles tummy tuck services to keep you back in shape right?
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