Friday, January 28, 2011


Ryu is the main character and "hero" of the Street Fighter series. Ryu has made an appearance in every Street Fighter game, as well as in every crossover fighting game with Capcom characters in it. Ryu has arguably become the most famous character in the fighting game genre, starring in early fighting games such as Street Fighter, but really got well known in Street Fighter II, where he was considered a "basic" character. Ryu is portrayed as a Japanese man whose basic, and most recognizable attire from the Street Fighter II timeline consists of medium-length brown hair, brown eyes, a long, red headband; a white karate gi with the sleeves ripped off at the shoulders, bare feet, and a black belt.

Ryu is the quintessential "basic" character in fighting games with an intuitive array of punches and kicks, and very basic special moves. This simplicity makes Ryu a favorite for beginner and intermediate players. Ryu is available in every single Street Fighter game, allowing players familiar with previous Street Fighter games to begin playing immediately, without having to worry about learning how to use a new character, however, there are a few tweaks in his moveset which vary depending on the game. Ryu's techniques are the "Hadouken" which has become a staple projectile among fighting referred to as the "Fireball", the "Shoryuken" which is a favorite among many players to use, referred to as a "Dragon Punch" and is an uppercut maneuver that hits once, and the "Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku" or "Hurricane Kick" as most refer it to.


Rufus's basic appearance is that of a fat man with blond hair in a yellow and black jumpsuit.

Similar to how Dan is a parody of Ryo from SNK's Art of Fighting, Rufus seems to be similar to Bob from rival fighting game, Tekken 6. Both are obese American martial artists with blond hair, are incredibly fast for their size, have similar move sets and each a master of their respective fighting styles (self-taught kung-fu based on Snake style in the case of Rufus, freestyle karate in the case of Bob). Rufus' Messiah Kick and its mix up properties are exactly the same as one of Bob's attacks. However their personalities are opposites as Rufus is obnoxious and impatient while Bob is calm and serious, having deliberately gained weight. Rufus is a loudmouthed master of Kung-Fu, hailing from the U.S. Believing himself to be the strongest in America, he develops a personal hatred for Ken Masters, who carries that title officially. Often seen riding his motorcycle with his girlfriend, Candy (an attractive but not very bright, redheaded woman with a notably tacky way of dress who met Rufus while bailing on a diner check; he beat up the waiter), who seems to adore him and agree with his belief. He is very hasty and impatient, constantly jumping to conclusions to reach a goal which often results in him sacrificing accuracy for speed.

He declares himself America's Greatest Fighter and considers Ken Masters to be his rival. He fights to prove he is better than Ken Masters, though he frequently mistakes other fighters for Ken. According to the Super Street Fighter IV blog, he was born on July 30th, and one of his special skills is karaoke.
Rufus's only weakness is the absence of any projectile attack in his arsenal. His moves are damaging, he has high stamina, his combos are easy to perform, he is very quick, and both the Messiah Kick and Galactic Tornado serve as excellent means to overcome his lack of ranged attacks. Not only is he easy to pick up and play, but players aren't forced into a specific role as Rufus is effective whether played offensively or defensively.

FarmVille Adventures

I really love visiting my grandparents and our relatives in our province every summer because i am able to see their huge poultry businesses. Poultry is their main source of income there and almost every residence own a piece of land and a space for their farms. Well, i feel like i am playing the character in the game called Harvest Moon. haha Well, i really like that game and i guess this is where Facebook's FarmVille was derived from. Anyway, the photos below are taken last summer.

These are the sheep from my Grandpa's farm. You'll really have fun seeing them in group. They're like walking cotton candies haha.

These cute little bunnies are taken care by my Auntie. They are super duper cute and i just can't help but to hug them haha.

What is a poultry without Chickens right? Well Grandpa used to explain me their variations but i just can't get it and find it quite confusing.
I found these White parrots too. They are so cute but they do not talk and even move that much.

But i would rather watch those non-speaking white parrots than dealing with this Green parrot which is very noisy and somehow irritating. And you know what it deserves?

It deserves to be cooked like this LOL. Okay, don't worry, it's not the parrot. Grandpa killed one of his chicken and roast it for us. Actually he would like to kill one of his pigs but we stopped him. He's too generous haha.
Anyway, to make my Farmville experience complete, We went to a store nearby their place. We saw series of stalls there and they are all selling different fresh crops.

These watermelons are simply irresistable
And the strawberries are so tempting too.
We really had so much fun there and this coming summer, me and my family is planning to visit them again. I am so excited about this.
However, if there's one thing that i hate about going to province, that would be my inability to use my computer and do my online activities. I would love to visit them but i just can't leave my computer at home. Internet has been a very important tool in my work and i really need it that bad. But for the sake of meeting my grandparents, i am willing to sacrifice those activities.
Too bad, i was able to find a Casino directory website yesterday that provides list of reliable online casinos on the web. I am a certified Casino lover and it used to be my stress reliever. Unlike other games, i find it more interesting and more exciting knowing that you will be competing against real online players. It is more challenging too! And now that i will be away from the net for about a week or two, i don't know if i can stay that long without playing my favorite games.
Oh my PSP is not working too... waaah! i hope my summer vacation this year will be as enjoying as last year.. Sobs.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Rose is a fortune teller from Genoa and sensed that Doomsday was approaching, and knew a person of great evil was causing it. In Street Fighter Alpha 2, she found the source of the evil in Bison and defeats him, thinking she has rid the world of him for good. Unfortunately, by reading her tarot cards, she discovered Bison was still alive. In Street Fighter Alpha 3, Rose learned that she and Bison share the same soul. She faces Bison once more and rams her fist through his chest, channeling her energy into his body. Rose used all of her Soul Power to defeat Bison, but it was not enough. Rose passed out from complete exhaustion, and was soon found by Guy (who she met earlier on when he went after Shadaloo). When Bison was defeated by Ryu (who destroyed his body temporarily in the process), Bison's soul went to the Psycho Drive. Charlie sacrificed his life to try and destroy the Psycho Drive, but was not successful. Bison's soul then went to Rose's body, making her his temporary host.

Rose is tall, curvy and has long dark wavy hair that flows outward horizontally, violet eyes, a fair complexion, and a small mouth with full lips. Most official artwork of Rose make her appear to be puckering her lips. In battle, she wears a loose red evening gown with large gold buttons, and a large golden scarf around her shoulders and arms. By channeling her mysterious Soul Power through it, she is able to make the scarf glow, and wield it in such a way that is particularly damaging to her opponents. Rose also wears a dark colored body stocking, and manages to fight capably while wearing high heels.

In one of Rose's win poses, she wears a large red ball gown, a choker decorated with an antique key design, and matching earrings (in her ending movie in Alpha 2, she is seen wearing this outfit). Also, a lighting-bolt design is visible on her forehead in this form. In this particular victory pose, she holds tarot cards in each hand, and one in her cleavage. This win pose is reserved for a perfect win in Street Fighter Alpha 3, but is a normal victory in Capcom Fighting Evolution. In the UDON comic book series, Rose is often pictured in this attire, particularly when she is interpreting the future or some removed location.


Rolento F. Schugerg , more commonly referred by his first name, is a video game character from both the Final Fight and Street Fighter series. Like Sodom before him, he first appeared as a boss character in the first Final Fight, but later evolved into a playable fighter in Street Fighter Alpha 2.

Rolento wears a very militant outfit with weapon belts (where he keeps his grenades) going over his shoulders and a red beret on his head. He has a red scarf under his worn yellow outfit and fights with a green staff. This is a change from how he originally appeared in Final Fight, in which he wore an olive green uniform, and wielded a brown staff.

Rolento made his first appearance as fourth stage's boss in the original Final Fight. According to his original backstory, Rolento is a former member of the special forces unit, the Red Berets, explaining his military appearance and skills. He was put in charge of the gang's secret armory-producing plants in Metro City's industrial area and has great influence. He fights using a baton and his special techniques include a wall kick and his throw. When he's low on energy, he relies on throwing grenades instead. When defeated, instead of fading away like most enemies in the game, he blows himself up with his own grenades. After being defeated by Guy, he gained a scar on his face caused by a shuriken thrown by Guy. The Industrial Area stage, and by extension Rolento, was excluded in the SNES version of Final Fight (and its revised rerelease, Final Fight Guy) due to space constraint. Because of this, the developers of the SNES sequel, Final Fight 2, saw fit to include him in the following game to compensate his previous omission. In Final Fight 2, he is the boss of the fifth stage, Italy. His general appearance and fighting style remained unchanged from the previous game and he is the only returning enemy characer besides the Andore from the original game.

He Deserves a Treat

After a long week of reviewing, Milzon finally get a chance to relax and unwind. We've been reviewing for his Periodical exam since last week and i guess he deserves a lot of rest and he deserves a treat too for being such a nice boy. He has been very patient during our review session and even though we do not have the results yet, i know he will receive good grades for it. For all that hard work and patience, i have no doubt about it!
Anyway, i am thinking of something interesting to treat my little brother. I already bought him some toys and i know they are not enough. I wish i can take him out today but the weather isn't that nice and it seems to get worst and worst everyday. I am actually searching the web right now, looking for some cool indoor activities for Milzon and I came across a site awhile ago which offers some cool and creative treasure hunt ideas. I think the last time that we had this kind of activities was last Easter where in i hid some easter egg around the house and Milzon has to find them all to win the prize. Well, i guess i better start making some treasure hunt clues and think of some cool prizes for it. Any suggestions?

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Retsu is a master of Shorinji Kempo who fought in the first world warrior tournament. While the character never appeared in another Street Fighter game, he still forms part of the later games' backstories (being established as a friend of Ryu and Ken's teacher, Gouken). Retsu appears in the sixth issue where he is seen in a flashback of Ryu's childhood as a friend of his master Gouken. Retsu spars with Ryu and is almost beaten to death when Ryu goes into the Satsui no Hado but is stopped by Gouken.

He plays a role in a pair of Street Fighter II Drama CDs released in Japan, Mad Revenger and Portrait of the Magician, where he is voiced by Takeshi Aono.


Remy is a thin French fighter character in the Street Fighter series. His first and only appearance was in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike and he was voiced by Eiji Sekiguchi. Remy bears a grudge against all fighters since his father abandoned his family to pursue the path of the warrior, and his sister died (he encased her in a block of ice underwater in the Bay of Biscay to preserve her). In his ending, he mentions that he must "forget everything" to be happy for it was the darkness of being a warrior that caused his father to disappear and abandon Remy and his sister. He allows his sister's corpse to sink further to the very bottom of the sea, showing that he has put his dark past behind him.

Remy is a long-haired fighter wearing a leather jacket emblazoned with an omega and red pants. He has characteristically large hands, seen in both portrait artwork and sprites.Remy's fighting resembles the French martial art of Savate and his special moves are very similar to those of Guile and Charlie. He is one of the only characters in 3rd Strike that can effectively control space at all times and virtually any range with the combination of powerful long range attacks and zoning techniques.Remy also uniquely, has his moves in both French and Japanese(for the Japanese moveset only.)


Rainbow Mika or R. Mika for short is a video game character from the Street Fighter fighting game series. Her real name is Mika Nanakawa , and she is a professional wrestler trained by the big, domineering, shinai-sporting, golf cart-riding, Yoko Harmegeddon.

Mika's goal is to be "Star of the Ring." To try to accomplish this, Mika decided she would travel abroad and battle famous street fighters even before she made her official debut. During that time, she met Zangief, a wrestler she is a huge fan of. Zangief inspired her as a pro wrestler to train hard for the next time they meet.

Beating Maven

I really enjoy playing word games like Scrabble and Super Text Twist. Well, aside from being fun and entertaining, they will also help you in enhancing your vocabulary skills. These intellectual games are what fascinates me lately. For some reasons, i started to love playing those flash games installed in my PC long long time ago. I was able to find them on my files and started to play them again. Few of the games that i have played are Scrabble, Text Twist, Flip Words and Hangaroo. I couldn't find Bookworm Adventure but i am planning to buy a CD next week.
Anyway, of all these games, Scrabble is probably the most challenging. Scrabble has 8 levels of difficulties ranging from Novice to Perfect round. The main goal here is to beat Maven, a computer generated opponent (but you can also set the game into 2 players)

Round 1 - 4 are kinda easy. You can also manage to beat Maven as you reach the round 5. But dude, Round 6 which is the "Master Round" is so damn hard and i guess it is pretty impossible for me to beat Maven. In this round, he will keep on getting "Bingos". You'll get bingo if you were able to use all the seven tiles given to you. Once you get a Bingo, you'll receive additional 50 points of your score. Until now, i am stock with Round 6 and beating him on this round is so hopeless already.
I tried playing it earlier but as expected, i failed to beat Maven again. Sobs!
Maybe Playing Word games is really not my forte. I think i can do much better and i am luckier in playing Casino games. They may not be as intellectual as the word games, but they can definitely double the fun and excitement as you play them. Right now, there are so many Gambling sites available online. Unlike Maven, your opponent here are real online player which makes the game more exciting and thrilling. So I'm gonna forget Maven for awhile now and start battling for my luck with these online casino games. See yah!

Getting Rid of the Brain Eaters

Sorry guys if i failed to update this blog as often as before. Believe me! I am so hook with computer games lately and that's my brother's fault. Well, i am a game lover but i am not expecting that my game addiction will be this worst haha. I was like playing one game after another and it's like my daily routine already. I don't know what to do but i just can't stop myself playing such computer and video games. They are simply addicting and very irresistible. I know it is not so appropriate for my age now. At the age of 22, i should be thinking now about getting married and other serious matters but this is me, this is what the public should accept me, right? Anyway, right now, i am kinda busy playing my Plants Versus Zombies game. I lost of previous files after reformatting my laptop which really makes me so upset. I have no choice but to start again from the scratch.
Well good thing, i know the drill already and i can easily manage now how to get rid of this brain eater zombies.

I love using the "StarFruit" as it can hit five different directions. It loads pretty fast too compare to other plants. The only disadvantage of this plant is the inability to perform straight attack. But overall, it is pretty good and effective tool for offense.

Looking for an effective Defense? Then you might want to include Garlic on your deck. Garlic will keep the zombies away from that specific zone and move to another. It will be very effective if you're going to place platoon of garlic in front of your lawn. This will slow down their time and makes it difficult for them to reach your house.
Anyway, just like what i said, i will be starting again from the very beginning so i need to consume my time again for playing this game which will be a little bit boring. Well i guess this is one of the disadvantages of these offline computer games. They are solely programmed by computer and you cannot control the entire game. Well, i guess it would be better if i will just play online RPG games or Online Casino games than wasting my time repeating such a long term game like this. For the meantime, i promised Milzon to help him in reaching out Level 3-4. He's currently on Level 2-7. Yikes... that's a long way to go. Sobs!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Q is a character in the Street Fighter series. He first appeared in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike and is voiced by Len Carlson. Not much is known about Q, except that he appears at different places around the world, and may be linked to various disasters. No one knows his real name, if he's human or not or even if he's a man. The CIA is searching for him.

Q sports a hat and trench coat, along with black pants and dress shoes, stereotypical of spies and detectives. His head is engulfed in a metallic shell-like mask which surrounds his entire head. The mask has yellow eyes of varying brightness. Q's neck is the only portion of his body that is visibly made of flesh and skin, as well as his legs during certain animations. The design for Q is believed to be based on similar-looking characters such as Robotto Keiji K (Robot Detective K). Although not a robot, the trench-coat, fedora and gloves are similar articles that H.G. Wells' "Invisible Man" wears.
Q's techniques resemble that of a brute force brawler, through one appearing physically contained, as opposed to a refined martial artist. Most of his move names are descriptions of his actions rather than proper nouns referring to a move name. Q's most signature special moves include his "Dashing Head Attack," a fast and useful attack that can cancel into super attacks, and his "Capture & Deadly Blow," a command grab which sends the opponent into the air for a juggle. His super attacks include a series of quick punches while he moves forward, as well as a move that punches the enemy in the stomach, then an overhead blow with both arms at once upon their head. He also has a move referred to as "Total Destruction." When activated, Q can choose to either punch or grab his opponent, depending on the situation, which emits a small explosion.


Pullum Purna is the daughter of a wealthy Arabian man. She seeks revenge for her grandfather against Shadaloo after he was found in hypnotic state after reading a book with the word Shadaloo on the cover. She vows revenge, and hires Darun Mister as a bodyguard, teaming with her friend Blair Dame and going traveling. She seems to resemble Rouge from Power Stone.

How If I'm A Nurse?

It's Milzon's exam today and i am a bit nervous about it. I wish he will commit less mistakes there or much better if there will be no mistakes at all. Milzon is now in grade one and in order to pass this Grade school year, he have to satisfactorily pass all his exams and should actively participate on their daily oral recitation. Well, i do not want to force Milzon in his studies. I don't want him to feel so much pressure in his school because of the expectations that we're setting upon him. We want him to learn and at the same time, have fun! He still have to spend so many years in school and pressuring him at this early stage is definitely not a good idea.
Of course as his guardian, you cannot take away the fact that i am thinking about his future too. He must be too young at his age to ask him about that matters. Two years from now, i will become a certified teacher. Well, obviously, i took Bachelor of Science in Secondary education. The course is actually not my first choice. I came from the family of teachers and my parents are the one who encouraged me to take Education course and become a teacher someday too. Well, at first, it's very complicated and i was like almost giving up but i was able to manage my self with it and learned how to love it. Teaching is now my passion but sometimes, i am wondering what path will i be taking if i didn't follow my parent's advise.
If i didn't take the Education course, well maybe i am on a medical field by now. I really like to become a nurse or a doctor. I am dreaming about it ever since i was a kid. I remember there are times that i do portray the role of a doctor and my brothers and sisters are my patients. Sometimes i am wondering how does it feels like if you are wearing one of those medical scrubs and you'll be assisting the doctor all day long. It must be a bit tiring yet very exciting profession. I am actually imagining myself wearing a lab coat and doing some medical experiments and observation for my patients.
Well, being a teacher is not bad at all and it is something that i should be very proud of. Not everyone is given a chance to continue their college and i must be very lucky that i have relatives who keep on supporting my school finances.
Well, i guess they'll do the same thing if i take the nursing course. They must be the one to buy me set of scrub uniforms for my class. They are very supportive and i am very lucky to have them.Well, that's all for now guys. Cousin Ichan and I will be watching the movies with our friends tomorrow so i better get enough energy and sleep for that.
Have a great day and happy blogging!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Poison is the friend and manager of Hugo. Poison can also be seen in Street Fighter Alpha 2, in Guy's Stage. Poison is a character from the Final Fight video game series, created by Akira Yasuda for Capcom. Introduced in the first Final Fight (along with similar character Roxy), she has appeared in later artworks and games in a cameo role, and is one of the few characters from the series to move on to a minor role in the main Street Fighter series. She was voiced by Atsuko Tanaka in the Street Fighter III series, and Masae Yumi in SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos.

Beyond the Final Fight series, Poison has appeared alongside Hugo in Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact and its sequel Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike as his manager. She was planned to appear in Capcom Fighting All-Stars, but the game was canceled. She was also slated to appear in Final Fight: Streetwise, but, along with Sodom, was cut from the final game.

The discrepancy regarding Poison has been addressed more than once in interviews with former and current Capcom employees. Final Fight developer and Arika founder Akira Nishitani stated he supposed the character could be male, but added it was up to the viewer to decide. Street Fighter IV's producer Yoshinori Ono, when asked in an interview about the matter, stated "Let's set the record straight: in North America, Poison is officially a post-op transsexual. But in Japan, she simply tucks her business away to look female." He later emphasized it again when asked about what female characters could be included in the game Street Fighter IV, stating that it would be too confusing to include her due to the region-specific gender.


Oro is a character in the Street Fighter series. He first appeared in Street Fighter III and is voiced by Kan Tokumaru in New Generation and Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact and by Takashi Matsuyama in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. "Oro" in Spanish means "gold", likely referring to his skin color.

Oro is an ancient, mysterious hermit who seeks a fighter that is worthy to inherit his fighting style. He is of Japanese descent and hails from the Amazon Jungle, where he lives in a cave with his many pets, including a turtle and a dog. Oro made his living as a martial arts instructor in Japan in his younger days. He moved to Brazil with a friend in the early 1900s. Unfortunately, his life in Brazil wasn't going very well and he eventually became a recluse. He spent much of his time practicing Senjutsu (仙術, "Mystic Arts" - techniques used by the immortal mountain hermits in Taoist myth). Finally, after several dozens of years, Oro had mastered it.

Oro occasionally leaves his cave and visits town. Out of boredom, he embarked on a journey (traveling the world atop a jumbo jet) to seek out the ideal successor to his Senjutsu style. This was the first time he left Brazil since he moved there.

Oro binds one arm while fighting, to keep from accidentally killing his opponent (except when performing specific special arts). Canon-wise, Oro is one of the most powerful characters in the series, alongside Akuma at full strength (Shin Akuma) and Gill. He has full mastery over his Ki, giving him monstrous strength and stamina far surpassing all other fighters in the world, even in his old age. He also has the power of telekinesis being able to pull in random objects and use them for a limited amount of time.


Necro is a character in the Street Fighter series. He first appeared in Street Fighter III and is voiced by Michael X. Sommers in New Generation and 2nd Impact and by Lawrence Bayne in 3rd Strike. Necro, or Illia, left his small village in Moscow to seek independence and riches. While searching, Gill and his organization confronted him and promised him a better life. They persuaded Necro to join but he was tricked and experimented on. He was given the ability to stretch his limbs and produce electricity from his body at the cost of leaving him looking like a mutant.

A cybernetic computer was implanted into his brain that enhanced his fighting abilities as well. Necro entered the third Street Fighter tournament and saw it as a way to gain back his freedom and get revenge on Gill. But he was tricked again and ended being trapped and tied up, and Gill left him to die inside the self-destructing base. However, his girlfriend Effie managed to save him and they escaped before they were killed. They were now both free, but they knew they would still be chased by Gill's organization.


Nanase is a character who appears exclusively in the Street Fighter EX series by Arika. She made her first appearance in the arcade version of Street Fighter EX 2 as a hidden character.

Nanase was born to the main house of the Mizukami (水神) family, growing up with her beloved elder sister and role model Hokuto. Although born to a family of kobujutsu masters, Nanase only trained to maintain the tradition and actually dislikes her training, slipping out whenever she gets the chance. However, Nanase avoids cutting training as much as possible in order to not upset her sister. In spite of her reluctance to train, Nanase is a skilled master of bojutsu.

One day, Nanase was surprised by Hokuto's sudden decision to forsake the title of Seiden (正伝) of the Mizukami Ancient Art of Jujutsu and handed it down to her. Not long afterward, Hokuto disappeared and set off on a journey to fight a new enemy. Nanase later learned that Hokuto was in fact, searching for their long-lost elder brother Kairi, and went on a trip to prevent the two from fighting each other.

What a Mess!

This mess is what makes me so irritated lately. Well, mom hired someone to fix our roof. It all started when we see some leaks from the ceiling a week ago. For some reason, mom acted exaggeratedly and call for someone to fix it for us. No one among us has that knowledge when it comes to fixing the roof. Anyway, it's very frustrating to see that until now, they cannot locate or trace where the hell the leakage is coming from.
Well, i do understand why my mom is like so exaggerated and so eager to have our roof fixed as early as possible. Just like yesterday, it started to rain heavily again and we're kinda worried that the leakage might get worst.
Anyway, i think i have no choice but to deal with this mess until they're done but i make sure to get something like the House Cleaning Vancouver WA Services. I will never ever clean this mess.. I swear!

Janet Jackson In Manila

Janet Jackson will be hitting Manila this coming February and i am pretty excited about this event. We know how Janet Jackson performs! We know how she rocks the the stage and we know that the money that we're gonna spend for her concert will truly worth it! Well, I was born when Janet Jackson was in the lime light of the music scene. I was in elementary when everyone gets crazy over her. I was too young to appreciate her music at that time. That was back on college when i started to appreciate her music. However, it's a bit late because Janet Jackson is not that famous anymore but she has some hits in early in 2000's. And since i haven't heard anything from her since the last time she sang We are the world with so many famous artists of today.
Well, it gives me now an idea to list down few of her hits that i really love to listen with over and over again.
"Again" is one of my favorite song from her. I simply love the melody and its message as well. Just like his brother, Janet is well known for making amazing music video and the video she had for this song is simply notable!
Janet Jackson might not be a strong and powerful vocalist compare to other solo artists like Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey but her songs and her performances are truly amazing just like what she did with her "All For You" single.
Her "Rhythm Nation" absolutely proves that she can be onsidered as one of those very talented Dance-oriented singers like Paula Abdul, Madonna and Jennifer Lopez.
I love almost all her songs and it's too hard to list my top five.
Anyway, if you missed buying her CDs , all her songs are ready for digital download from Itunes. Itunes is not available outside the US so better get an iTunes Gift Card to give you access to the site without any limitations. You can even download her music videos there!
And now that she will be heading to Manila this February, I’m sure most of her fans will come over to see her performing live. The concert is a part of her Number Ones—Up Close and Personal World Tour. It will be held at PICC Plenary Hall, CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Makoto is a character in the Street Fighter series. She first appeared in Street Fighter III 3rd Strike and is voiced by Makoto Tsumura. She is a playable character in the game Super Street Fighter IV. Makoto is a young Japanese tomboy, raised in the rural Tosa region of Japan[3] and trained in Rindoukan karate. Her karate style is very similar to that of Shotokan karate. Although having little fashion sense for a girl her age, she still hates it when she is mistaken for a boy. She develops something of a rivalry with kunoichi Ibuki, as shown by their alternate opening when they fight each other.

Makoto sports a simple karate uniform, and underneath she wears a red training bra. Around her neck is a long, yellow scarf that hangs down behind her back. Her hair is short and somewhat messy. Her body is very built for her age, having large arms, legs, hands, and feet.
Makoto possesses a boisterous and aggressive fighting style, characterized by powerful punches and kicks, as well as formidable karate techniques. She has particularly powerful and brutal attacks, such as choking her opponent to momentarily stun them or even punching in groin area for one of her Super Moves. She seems to be a person who loves the challenge of the fight, always accusing someone of sandbagging if a fight feels too easy.

Her Sports Car and my Limo

This is my Auntie's Mitsubishi Sport car. I went to join her shopping last week and she brought this car with her. Of course i grab the opportunity to take some photos of it. I don't have a car of my own and i used to borrow my dad's old Isuzu. Somehow i feel jealous with my Auntie's car, wishing someday i could have own a car too!

Anyway, even though i can't own a car as of this moment, i can still bring a very stylish luxury auto if ever i will be attending a formal or social events like wedding or any related occasions. Yup! It could be possible through availing a rent-a-car services like the rent-a-Limo Portland services in Oregon. I may not have a Sports Car like what my Auntie has, i can have a more stylish car like a limousine through this kind of services! Cheers! Now that makes my day! Woohoo!

Monday, January 10, 2011


Maki Genryusai is a video game character in the Final Fight and Street Fighter series. Designed as a Bushin ninja along the same lines as Guy, she plays very much like him in both games, being the fast character in Final Fight 2 and the agile ninja with various running attacks in Capcom vs SNK 2. Maki is notable for being the only original character from the SNES Final Fight sequels to make return appearances in later games.

Maki is a bit of a stark contrast in comparison to her sister, being taller and blonde. Her hair tends to be long and held back in a ponytail, her bangs a lighter color than the rest. She wears a red female ninja garb, but designed more in mind for function than flair, showing only her neck and some of her cleavage. Beneath, she wears a semi-transparent vest as shown in Final Fight 2's introduction, when she calls Haggar. She sports arm and leg guards with small boots. Her alternate palette in Final Fight 2 changes her outfit color from red to blue.

Maki's character design was updated for Capcom vs. SNK 2 (and subsequently SFA3 MAX)): she now wears red tennis shoes similar to the ones wore by Guy in the Street Fighter Alpha series and wields a tonfa, which was originally a pick-up weapon in Final Fight 2. Her hair is shown to be one complete color now, the leg guards removed, and the shirt part of her attire is now closed. Some of her attacks tend to reveal that she also wears black panties beneath her skirt; red in Final Fight 2.

An image of Maki in more casual attire exists from Capcom. Herself, Guy, and her sister stand in front of Maki's motorcycle. Here, she wears a black leather halter top that buttons up near her neck (and presumably her waist), black biker-style gloves, yellow baggy pants fastened by a black rope, and a long pink bandanna. Her hair isn't tied back in this design and is more of an auburn color retaining the brighter highlights for her bangs, and appears to be crimped.

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M. Bison, known as Vega in Japan, is one of the main villains and primary bosses of the Street Fighter games. M. Bison was inspired by Yasunori Kato, the main villain from the fantasy film, Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis. In Street Fighter Alpha 3, he refers to himself by the full title of Master Bison. His first chronological appearance is in Street Fighter Alpha 2, as the head of an elusive criminal and military organization known as Shadaloo. Along with his aspirations for world conquest, M. Bison has been working on perfecting a lethal and deadly energy that will exponentially increase his fighting ability, an inherently evil energy he refers to as "Psycho Power".

His general attire consists of a red military uniform with large silver shoulder plates, wrist bands, and shin guards; on his cap is the skull insignia of his crime syndicate known as Shadaloo (sometimes referred to as Shadowlaw or Shadowloo). His clothing highly resembles the uniforms worn by SS officers of Nazi Germany, the winged skull on his visor cap and the first letter of Shadaloo on his belt is shaped as a single sig rune. The fact that Bison has anything to do with Nazi Germany storywise has yet to be confirmed since there's no official reference to this for except his clothing. Bison's eyes lack both pupils and irises (exception in "Street Fighter Alpha," when he had his original body), leaving them a ghastly white color. He sports a dark colored cape in the Alpha series, in which he appears with his original body. In Street Fighter II and the Capcom vs SNK series, he appears with a much slimmer body, and removes his cape before battle.

M. Bison is a "charge character" in that his special moves require that you hold in directions for a few seconds before pulling a move off. One of his special moves is the "Psycho Crusher" which sends him flying in the direction of his opponent with a damaging spin. The "Double Knee Press/Scissors Kick" allows him to do a forward flip which will knock the opponent away. With the "Head Stomp", Bison jumps into the air and homes into the opponent, bouncing off their heads in which he can follow up and smack them with his own hands. Bison also posseses the "Devil's Reverse," wherein he leaps forward like the Head Stomp, but will then flip upside down and chop the enemy with a Psycho Power-covered hand when any punch button is pressed. This acts as both a fake-out version of the Head Stomp, and as a viable attack, allowing Bison to play with his opponent's head.

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