Friday, January 28, 2011

FarmVille Adventures

I really love visiting my grandparents and our relatives in our province every summer because i am able to see their huge poultry businesses. Poultry is their main source of income there and almost every residence own a piece of land and a space for their farms. Well, i feel like i am playing the character in the game called Harvest Moon. haha Well, i really like that game and i guess this is where Facebook's FarmVille was derived from. Anyway, the photos below are taken last summer.

These are the sheep from my Grandpa's farm. You'll really have fun seeing them in group. They're like walking cotton candies haha.

These cute little bunnies are taken care by my Auntie. They are super duper cute and i just can't help but to hug them haha.

What is a poultry without Chickens right? Well Grandpa used to explain me their variations but i just can't get it and find it quite confusing.
I found these White parrots too. They are so cute but they do not talk and even move that much.

But i would rather watch those non-speaking white parrots than dealing with this Green parrot which is very noisy and somehow irritating. And you know what it deserves?

It deserves to be cooked like this LOL. Okay, don't worry, it's not the parrot. Grandpa killed one of his chicken and roast it for us. Actually he would like to kill one of his pigs but we stopped him. He's too generous haha.
Anyway, to make my Farmville experience complete, We went to a store nearby their place. We saw series of stalls there and they are all selling different fresh crops.

These watermelons are simply irresistable
And the strawberries are so tempting too.
We really had so much fun there and this coming summer, me and my family is planning to visit them again. I am so excited about this.
However, if there's one thing that i hate about going to province, that would be my inability to use my computer and do my online activities. I would love to visit them but i just can't leave my computer at home. Internet has been a very important tool in my work and i really need it that bad. But for the sake of meeting my grandparents, i am willing to sacrifice those activities.
Too bad, i was able to find a Casino directory website yesterday that provides list of reliable online casinos on the web. I am a certified Casino lover and it used to be my stress reliever. Unlike other games, i find it more interesting and more exciting knowing that you will be competing against real online players. It is more challenging too! And now that i will be away from the net for about a week or two, i don't know if i can stay that long without playing my favorite games.
Oh my PSP is not working too... waaah! i hope my summer vacation this year will be as enjoying as last year.. Sobs.

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