Thursday, January 13, 2011

Her Sports Car and my Limo

This is my Auntie's Mitsubishi Sport car. I went to join her shopping last week and she brought this car with her. Of course i grab the opportunity to take some photos of it. I don't have a car of my own and i used to borrow my dad's old Isuzu. Somehow i feel jealous with my Auntie's car, wishing someday i could have own a car too!

Anyway, even though i can't own a car as of this moment, i can still bring a very stylish luxury auto if ever i will be attending a formal or social events like wedding or any related occasions. Yup! It could be possible through availing a rent-a-car services like the rent-a-Limo Portland services in Oregon. I may not have a Sports Car like what my Auntie has, i can have a more stylish car like a limousine through this kind of services! Cheers! Now that makes my day! Woohoo!

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limo services said...

Really had great limo service while in Houston for my two most recent trips

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