Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Lesson to learn

My Auntie Joanne started a new small business last year and it seems that the business is not doing so well lately. Well, she decided to have this small eatery business, hoping that this will be a "Click " one. She is residing near the school so we all thought that having such an eatery business is a great opportunity, knowing that a lot of students will drop by there and buy some snacks to eat.

(My Auntie's Mini Booth)
(Selling some Snacks)

However, all these great ideas were ruined as the business flopped. The earnings wasn't that good which forced them to give up the space that they are renting. They decided to move the booth and place it outside their house.
Well, it's business! Establishing a business is like joining a gambling game. You have to take the risk in order to find out that if its a good decision or not. Yes, you might fall, but never ever give up! Take this as a challenge and make sure that you have learn something from it so that it will never happen again. I have heard that she's currently participating in some cash gifting programs which is good. It will definitely give her a new challenge. Placing your money into a networking business isn't a bad decision as long as the company that you will be dealing with is reliable enough!

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