Saturday, January 22, 2011

He Deserves a Treat

After a long week of reviewing, Milzon finally get a chance to relax and unwind. We've been reviewing for his Periodical exam since last week and i guess he deserves a lot of rest and he deserves a treat too for being such a nice boy. He has been very patient during our review session and even though we do not have the results yet, i know he will receive good grades for it. For all that hard work and patience, i have no doubt about it!
Anyway, i am thinking of something interesting to treat my little brother. I already bought him some toys and i know they are not enough. I wish i can take him out today but the weather isn't that nice and it seems to get worst and worst everyday. I am actually searching the web right now, looking for some cool indoor activities for Milzon and I came across a site awhile ago which offers some cool and creative treasure hunt ideas. I think the last time that we had this kind of activities was last Easter where in i hid some easter egg around the house and Milzon has to find them all to win the prize. Well, i guess i better start making some treasure hunt clues and think of some cool prizes for it. Any suggestions?

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