Sunday, January 16, 2011

How If I'm A Nurse?

It's Milzon's exam today and i am a bit nervous about it. I wish he will commit less mistakes there or much better if there will be no mistakes at all. Milzon is now in grade one and in order to pass this Grade school year, he have to satisfactorily pass all his exams and should actively participate on their daily oral recitation. Well, i do not want to force Milzon in his studies. I don't want him to feel so much pressure in his school because of the expectations that we're setting upon him. We want him to learn and at the same time, have fun! He still have to spend so many years in school and pressuring him at this early stage is definitely not a good idea.
Of course as his guardian, you cannot take away the fact that i am thinking about his future too. He must be too young at his age to ask him about that matters. Two years from now, i will become a certified teacher. Well, obviously, i took Bachelor of Science in Secondary education. The course is actually not my first choice. I came from the family of teachers and my parents are the one who encouraged me to take Education course and become a teacher someday too. Well, at first, it's very complicated and i was like almost giving up but i was able to manage my self with it and learned how to love it. Teaching is now my passion but sometimes, i am wondering what path will i be taking if i didn't follow my parent's advise.
If i didn't take the Education course, well maybe i am on a medical field by now. I really like to become a nurse or a doctor. I am dreaming about it ever since i was a kid. I remember there are times that i do portray the role of a doctor and my brothers and sisters are my patients. Sometimes i am wondering how does it feels like if you are wearing one of those medical scrubs and you'll be assisting the doctor all day long. It must be a bit tiring yet very exciting profession. I am actually imagining myself wearing a lab coat and doing some medical experiments and observation for my patients.
Well, being a teacher is not bad at all and it is something that i should be very proud of. Not everyone is given a chance to continue their college and i must be very lucky that i have relatives who keep on supporting my school finances.
Well, i guess they'll do the same thing if i take the nursing course. They must be the one to buy me set of scrub uniforms for my class. They are very supportive and i am very lucky to have them.Well, that's all for now guys. Cousin Ichan and I will be watching the movies with our friends tomorrow so i better get enough energy and sleep for that.
Have a great day and happy blogging!

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