Thursday, January 20, 2011

Beating Maven

I really enjoy playing word games like Scrabble and Super Text Twist. Well, aside from being fun and entertaining, they will also help you in enhancing your vocabulary skills. These intellectual games are what fascinates me lately. For some reasons, i started to love playing those flash games installed in my PC long long time ago. I was able to find them on my files and started to play them again. Few of the games that i have played are Scrabble, Text Twist, Flip Words and Hangaroo. I couldn't find Bookworm Adventure but i am planning to buy a CD next week.
Anyway, of all these games, Scrabble is probably the most challenging. Scrabble has 8 levels of difficulties ranging from Novice to Perfect round. The main goal here is to beat Maven, a computer generated opponent (but you can also set the game into 2 players)

Round 1 - 4 are kinda easy. You can also manage to beat Maven as you reach the round 5. But dude, Round 6 which is the "Master Round" is so damn hard and i guess it is pretty impossible for me to beat Maven. In this round, he will keep on getting "Bingos". You'll get bingo if you were able to use all the seven tiles given to you. Once you get a Bingo, you'll receive additional 50 points of your score. Until now, i am stock with Round 6 and beating him on this round is so hopeless already.
I tried playing it earlier but as expected, i failed to beat Maven again. Sobs!
Maybe Playing Word games is really not my forte. I think i can do much better and i am luckier in playing Casino games. They may not be as intellectual as the word games, but they can definitely double the fun and excitement as you play them. Right now, there are so many Gambling sites available online. Unlike Maven, your opponent here are real online player which makes the game more exciting and thrilling. So I'm gonna forget Maven for awhile now and start battling for my luck with these online casino games. See yah!

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