Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why Should You Visit Oregon?

Why should you visit Oregon? If you want to keep yourself away from the cities, then the State of Oregon is a perfect hang out place for you. Oregon might be well known for the ranges of mountains boundering the areas including the Hells Canyon, Mount Hood and other. It even has the famous Crater Lake which serves as one of the tourist destination of the country. Aside from these state parks, Oregon is also known for being the most environmental friendly state most especially The City of Portland. Aside from Portland, Tigard is probably one of the places in Oregon that is worth visiting for. Tigard is known for its Balloon festival that is being held every summer. It might be a small city compare to Portland but this city will definitely be the one that you're going to enjoy visiting over and over again. You can even visit some great Restaurants Tigard Oregon has like the Hilltop Cafe. So if you're planning to travel, you might want to put Oregon in your vacation list!

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