Saturday, January 15, 2011

What a Mess!

This mess is what makes me so irritated lately. Well, mom hired someone to fix our roof. It all started when we see some leaks from the ceiling a week ago. For some reason, mom acted exaggeratedly and call for someone to fix it for us. No one among us has that knowledge when it comes to fixing the roof. Anyway, it's very frustrating to see that until now, they cannot locate or trace where the hell the leakage is coming from.
Well, i do understand why my mom is like so exaggerated and so eager to have our roof fixed as early as possible. Just like yesterday, it started to rain heavily again and we're kinda worried that the leakage might get worst.
Anyway, i think i have no choice but to deal with this mess until they're done but i make sure to get something like the House Cleaning Vancouver WA Services. I will never ever clean this mess.. I swear!

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