Thursday, January 20, 2011

Getting Rid of the Brain Eaters

Sorry guys if i failed to update this blog as often as before. Believe me! I am so hook with computer games lately and that's my brother's fault. Well, i am a game lover but i am not expecting that my game addiction will be this worst haha. I was like playing one game after another and it's like my daily routine already. I don't know what to do but i just can't stop myself playing such computer and video games. They are simply addicting and very irresistible. I know it is not so appropriate for my age now. At the age of 22, i should be thinking now about getting married and other serious matters but this is me, this is what the public should accept me, right? Anyway, right now, i am kinda busy playing my Plants Versus Zombies game. I lost of previous files after reformatting my laptop which really makes me so upset. I have no choice but to start again from the scratch.
Well good thing, i know the drill already and i can easily manage now how to get rid of this brain eater zombies.

I love using the "StarFruit" as it can hit five different directions. It loads pretty fast too compare to other plants. The only disadvantage of this plant is the inability to perform straight attack. But overall, it is pretty good and effective tool for offense.

Looking for an effective Defense? Then you might want to include Garlic on your deck. Garlic will keep the zombies away from that specific zone and move to another. It will be very effective if you're going to place platoon of garlic in front of your lawn. This will slow down their time and makes it difficult for them to reach your house.
Anyway, just like what i said, i will be starting again from the very beginning so i need to consume my time again for playing this game which will be a little bit boring. Well i guess this is one of the disadvantages of these offline computer games. They are solely programmed by computer and you cannot control the entire game. Well, i guess it would be better if i will just play online RPG games or Online Casino games than wasting my time repeating such a long term game like this. For the meantime, i promised Milzon to help him in reaching out Level 3-4. He's currently on Level 2-7. Yikes... that's a long way to go. Sobs!

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