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Spider-Man is a fictional character in comic books published by Marvel Comics. was created by scripter-editor Stan Lee and artist-plotter Steve Ditko. Lee and Ditko conceived of the character as an orphan being raised by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben as an ordinary teenager, having to deal with the normal struggles of youth in addition to those of a costumed crime fighter. Spider-Man's creators gave him the ability to cling to walls, shoot spider-webs using an invention he had created, and react to danger quickly with his "spider-sense", enabling him to combat his many foes, including Doctor Octopus, the Sandman, the Lizard, the Green Goblin, and Venom.
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A bite from an irradiated spider causes a variety of changes in the body of Peter Parker, giving him superpowers. In the original Lee-Ditko stories, Spider-Man has the ability to cling to walls, superhuman strength, a sixth sense ("spider-sense") that alerts him to danger, perfect balance and equilibrium, as well as superhuman speed and agility. Brilliant, Parker excels in applied science, chemistry and physics. The character was originally conceived by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko as intellectually gifted, but not a genius. However, later writers have depicted the character as a genius. With his talents, he sews his own costume to conceal his identity, and constructs many devices that complement his powers, most notably mechanical web-shooters. (This mechanism ejects an advanced adhesive, releasing web-fluid in a variety of configurations, including a single rope-like strand to swing from, a net to bind enemies, a single strand for yanking opponents into objects, strands for whipping foreign objects at enemies, and a simple glob to foul machinery or blind an opponent. He can also weave the web material into simple forms like a shield, a spherical protection or hemispherical barrier, a club, or a hang-glider wing.) Other equipment include spider-tracers (spider-shaped adhesive homing beacons keyed to his own spider-sense), a light beacon which can either be used as a flashlight or project a "Spider-Signal" design, and a specially modified camera that can take pictures automatically.

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Stingray (Walter Newell) is a fictional character that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appears as Walter Newell in Tales to Astonish #95 (Sep. 1967) and as Stingray in Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner #19 (Nov. 1969).

Walter Newell designed and wears the Stingray battlesuit, an armored exoskeleton suit composed of a superhard artificial cartilage designed mainly for underwater use. The Stingray battlesuit enhances his strength and durability to superhuman levels, which allow him to operate within the crushing pressures of the ocean depths. His suit is equipped with an oxygen-diffusing system providing breathable air almost indefinitely, allowing him to breathe underwater. The suit also gives him enhanced swimming speed and its streamlined wings allow him to glide through air for great distances. The suit's chief offensive weapon is a powerful electrical discharge device built into the exoskeleton, able to project bolts of up to 20,000 volts through air or water and released through the gloves.

Walter Newell has a gifted intellect, and has a Ph. D. in oceanography. He is an experienced oceanographer, and a skilled inventor of experimental oceanographic equipment.

My Dad and I

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Sersi is a fictional character, a Marvel Comics superheroine and an Eternal. Sersi is a fourth generation member of the Eternals, an evolutionary offshoot of the human race. Sersi is the daughter of the Eternals Helios and Perse, and was probably born in Olympia, Greece, some time after the Great Cataclysm that destroyed the continents of Atlantis and Lemuria, during an extended ice age known as the Hyborean Age. At a young age, Sersi differed from her fellow Eternals in her desire to live amongst humans. It was during her time in ancient Mesopotamia that Sersi first met Captain America, who had traveled back in time. While Sersi still had the appearance of a child at this time, she was already thousands of years old.

As a member of the race of superhumans known as the Eternals, Sersi has the standard abilities of Earth's Eternals, though she has focused the majority of her power into transmutational abilities and passed it off as illusion or magic over the centuries. Sersi's psionic ability to rearrange the molecular structure of objects is far greater than that of any other Eternal; the limits on Sersi's molecular rearrangement powers are as yet unrevealed. Sersi is the only living Fifth Level adept at matter transmutation (on a 1-5 scale). She has the ability to alter molecular and atomic structures of all matter including living organisms. However, she has expressed difficulty in rearranging sub-atomic matter.

Sersi has a gifted intellect, and superhuman strength (which she can supplement by psionically levitating heavy objects), stamina, durability, agility, and reflexes. Sersi possesses the ability manipulate cosmic energy to augment her life force, granting her virtual invulnerability and immortality, the ability to project cosmic energy from her eyes or hands in the form of heat, light, or concussive force, and possibly other powers. Sersi is resistant against cold, disease, electricity, energy, heat, radiation, and toxin attacks. She does not age, and can only be killed if her atoms are scattered. Sersi possesses total mental control over her physical form, granting her virtual invulnerability and immortality.

Quasar is the name of several fictional superheroes in the Marvel Comics universe.Quasar's powers are derived from the pair of Quantum Bands fused to his wrists (or more specifically, from the seven gems on each of the bands). Quasar's quantum-bands are permanently affixed to his wrists; while he can make light bend around them so they appear to be invisible, they are still tangible. They are linked to their wearer's nervous system and grant tremendous powers of energy manipulation. The wrist-bands were originally created by Eon to be worn by his designated Protector of the Universe. These alien artifacts are composed of unknown materials. The Quantum Bands were discovered by the Uranian Eternals in a weapons depot left by the alien Kree and brought to Earth by the deluded Crusader that believed himself to be the 1950s Marvel Boy.
Foremost amongst these powers is the ability to tap into a limitless energy source called the Quantum Zone. Quasar can project quantum energy in the form of devastating beams of force or heat, but Vaughn more commonly employed them to fashion incredibly durable constructs of solid energy, such as containment spheres or pincers. He protected himself with a personal force field of quantum energy.

While It's Raining

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Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards) is a fictional character, a Marvel Comics superhero and a member of the Fantastic Four. Created by writer Stan Lee and artist/co-plotter Jack Kirby, he first appeared in Fantastic Four #1 (November 1961).
Possessing a mastery of mechanical, aerospace and electrical engineering, chemistry, all levels of physics, and human and alien biology, Richards is considered to be the most intelligent human being in the Marvel Universe, first among a select group which includes Bruce Banner (the Hulk), Henry Philip "Hank" McCoy (the Beast), Hank Pym (Yellowjacket), Tony Stark (Iron Man), T'Challa (the Black Panther), Victor von Doom (Doctor Doom), and Charles Xavier (Professor X). He is the inventor of the spacecraft which was bombarded by cosmic radiation on its maiden voyage, granting the Fantastic Four their powers. Richards gained the ability to stretch his body into any shape he desires.
He is the leader of the Fantastic Four, although his methodical manner sometimes makes him seem cold and distant to his teammates, particularly best friend the Thing, who somewhat blames Richards for his transformation into a large, rocky creature. Whenever he is confronted with a scientific challenge, his attention can be so focused that he can neglect even his own family which has caused marital problems between him and Sue and has put his family in danger on rare occasions. He is, however, the husband of Susan Storm, father of son Franklin Richards and daughter Valeria Richards, and mentor of his brother-in-law, the Human Torch. According to BusinessWeek, Mr. Fantastic is listed as one of the top ten most intelligent fictional characters in American comics

Reed Richards gained the power of elasticity from irradiation by cosmic rays. He has the ability to convert his entire body into a highly malleable state at will, allowing him to stretch, deform, and reform himself into virtually any shape. Reed Richards has been observed as being able to utilize his stretching form in a variety of offensive and defensive manners, such as compressing himself into a ball and ricocheting into enemies or flattening himself into a trampoline or a parachute to rescue a teammate. He can squeeze through openings sometimes even as small as one molecule's breadth. He can twist or reshape his body or stretch roughly three miles fully extended before physical pain. He can flatten himself to the thickness of a sheet of vellum. Due to Reed's distaste for violence, he will usually wrap an opponent up in his body to attempt to control and compromise with them. To trap an opponent, he can also flatten his body and smother his opponent until they give in. Other applications of his powers include expanding his lungs allowing him to hold his breath longer, adjusting the distance between his cornea and retina to allow for natural ocular magnification, and in at least one case shortening the distance between the synapses in his brain allowing him to process thought at impossible speeds. He has also shown that he can stretch his brain's cerebellum as to facilitate operation of Cerebro, the mutant finding computer devised by Professor Charles Xavier

Because of his elastic nature, Mr. Fantastic cannot be harmed by traditional bullets or most other projectile weapons, including knives, missiles, darts, etc, and has superhuman durability. He can often cause projectiles to rebound back towards the attacker. Despite this, Reed is not completely invulnerable. His skin has been cut at least once by an evolved form of a Brood queen; while reaching into a direct hole to Hell created by Elizabeth Cromwell, a random demon reached out and inexplicably broke his arm; and on occasion if he suffers a large amount of head trauma he'll lose consciousness. He has also shown to have all the weaknesses of rubber, as he melts and weakens when exposed to extreme heat and will freeze and crack when exposed to super-cool temperatures. He has also occasionally demonstrated other applications of this molecular control. While imprisoned by Psycho-Man, meditation allowed him to reduce his body to a nearly liquid state in order to flow out of a glass encasement specially prepared by the villain to have only the most infinitesimal of openings
Richards was given possession of the Power Infinity GemThis gem contains access to all power and energy that ever has or will exist, and can back the other gems and boost their effects. It allows the user to duplicate almost any physical superhuman ability and become invincible. Like all former Illuminati members, Richards has vowed never to use or reveal the location of the gem.


Susan Storm Richards (also known as Invisible Girl and later, Invisible Woman) is a fictional character, a Marvel Comics superheroine created by writer Stan Lee and artist/co-writer Jack Kirby. The character first appeared in Fantastic Four #1 in November 1961, and was the first female superhero created by Marvel in the Silver Age of Comics. Like the other founding members of the Fantastic Four, Sue received her powers after being exposed to a cosmic storm. Her primary power deals with light waves, allowing her to render herself and others invisible. However, she can also project powerful fields of invisible energy which she uses for a variety of offensive and defensive effects. Sue plays a central role in the lives of her brother, her husband, her children (Franklin Richards and Val Richards), and her friend, Ben Grimm.

An object of infatuation for Doctor Doom, and, most notably, Namor the Submariner, Sue's passive invisibility power translated into her frequent deployment as a damsel in distress during the team's early adventures. However, upon developing the ability to project powerful fields of energy, Sue Storm became a more powerful member of the Fantastic Four, and the team's second-in-command. While Sue operated somewhat in the shadow of her hot-headed brother, Johnny Storm, and her brilliant husband Reed Richards in the early years, she is now the soul of the Fantastic Four and one of the premiere heroes in the Marvel Universe.

Some time after World War Hulk, but before Secret Invasion, the Richards' have hired a new nanny for their kids, Tabitha Deneuve. At the same time, a mysterious new group, calling themselves the New Defenders, commits robberies, and one of their members, Psionics, starts a relationship with Johnny. After a bad break-up, Johnny is kidnapped by the Defenders, along with Doctor Doom and Galactus, to power a massive machine that is designed to apparently save the people of the future 500 years from now, a plan orchestrated by Tabitha, who is revealed to be Susan Richards from 500 years in the future. Eventually, the present Fantastic Four are able to save both the present Earth and the future Earth by sending the future inhabitants to the Earth Trust's private duplicate Nu-Earth, but after freeing Doctor Doom, the future Sue goes to apologize to him, and is electrocuted by Doom

The Invisible Woman, as her name suggests, has the power to render herself invisible at will, as a result of the mutagenic effects of exposure to cosmic radiation. She has the psionic ability to manipulate ambient cosmic energy to mentally bend all wavelengths of light (including infrared and ultraviolet radiation) around her body without causing any visible distortion; she also somehow directs enough undistorted light to her eyes to retain her sight while invisible. Her body cells produce an unknown form of energy that she can mentally project around other people or objects, rendering them invisible. She can also use this energy to render visible, persons or objects rendered invisible by other means, and energy that is normally invisible.


The Forgotten One (also known as Hero and Gilgamesh) is a superhero in the Marvel Comics universe. He is a member of the near-immortal hidden race known as the Eternals.

The Forgotten One is a member of the Eternal race, and possesses a number of superhuman abilities common to the Eternals, but has trained some of them far beyond the norm.

The Forgotten One possesses immense superhuman strength. While the exact limits are unknown, he is known as the, by far, physically strongest of all known Eternals, save for Thanos. His strength has been shown to rival that of Thor, and Hercules.

Like all other Eternals, The Forgotten One is virtually immortal. He hasn't aged since reaching adulthood and he is immune to all known diseases. Also, his body is highly durable and resistant to physical injury. He is capable of withstanding high caliber bullets, falls from great heights, powerful concussive forces, and temperature extremes without being injured. However, it is possible to injure him. He is in complete mental control over every molecule in his body, which allows him to regenerate any damaged or destroyed tissue. However, if his mental discipline over his body is broken, it is possible to permanently injure or kill him.

Other abilities he has in common with most other Eternals includes the power to levitate himself and fly at superhuman speed, projecting beams of concussive force or heat from his eyes and hands, and the manipulation of matter. However, to what degree these powers have been developed in comparison with other Eternals isn't known, but the first two have been stated as presumed to be average. He also has highly developed senses that helped to compensate for his former blindness, and is one of the most accomplished hand-to-hand combatants among the Eternals.

The Forgotten One is an extraordinary hand-to-hand combatant, with knowledge of most methods of combat known in ancient Earth civilizations. He is also an extraordinary hunter and tracker. He sometimes wears battle armor of unknown composition, and usually arms himself with simple hand weapons such as an axe, spear, or club.

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