Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Dad and I

While the typhoon is hitting outside bringing heavy rains and thunder, my dad and I is enjoying and keeping our selves busy by playing our favorite USA online casino. However, even though we both like Casino games, we are different in terms of what casino games we are playing. Mine is roulette because it is much easy and the rules are very simple. All you have to do is to guess what the winning number is. And that's it! Once the ball falls into your number, then you'll be declared as the winner. No skills or techniques needed. Unlike Poker, which is my dad's favorite. He is really an expert in this game and i don't have any idea how he was able to master the game as if it is a "no sweat" to him. POker is quite complicated to me and it is very confusing too so i don't pay so much attention to it. I would rather play games of chance like Roulette and slot machines than risking my money on such game. But even though we do not have the same taste is casino games, one thing for sure, we enjoyed each others company while enjoying the one day vacation.

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