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Sample Research Papers

I need High grades to make my parents proud but I failed them last semester as I got a not so satisfying grade in my English Subject. This is all because of my failing grades in almost all the research papers that we did last semester. I really have a hard time dealing with this research papers and I really don’t know what to do just to make my teacher satisfied with my works. Thanks God, I found a site that offers sample research paper. Thanks to, I can now have guides on how to produce effective research papers. The more effective I am in writing research papers, the more possibility to earn high grades. Cheers!

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Sunder (Mark Hallett), is a fictional comic book character, a mutant in the Marvel Universe.
Not much is known about the mysterious mutant called Sunder, except he was a founding member of the Morlocks, abandoning whatever identity he may once have had in the surface human world. Sunder was the aide to Callisto , and was the muscles of his group and was very protective of them, especially Callisto.
Sunder's mutant powers give him superhuman strength, stamina and durability. While a member of the Muir Island X-Men, he wore a specially designed X-Man uniform consisting of light body armor; however, neither this nor his natural durability were enough to withstand the machine gun bullet wounds he received at the hands of the Reavers.

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Lady Mastermind is a fictional supervillain in the Marvel Comics universe. Regan Wyngarde is the daughter of Jason Wyngarde, the original Mastermind. Her half-sister is Martinique Jason, the second Mastermind. Like her sister and father, Regan possesses the ability to cast telepathic illusions. Although the character originally appeared as a villain, she would later have a brief stint as an X-Men. A short time after joining, she betrayed the X-Men.

Lady Mastermind possesses the mutant power to project extremely convincing and realistic illusions into the minds of others, the same ability her father had.

Her illusions are hypnotic, and her victims tend to accept them as fact, even when the images and scenarios they are confronted with involve sudden changes to the world around them, or are inconsistent or improbable (for example, Rogue, when under Lady Mastermind's control, did not question the sudden existence of a multitude of Vargases, or the random jumps in location and time she was experiencing). As such, they can be used as a very effective brainwashing tool.

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Sabretooth (Victor Creed) is a mutant who possesses bestial superhuman abilities, most notably a rapid healing factor, razor-sharp fangs and claws, and superhuman senses. He is a vicious assassin responsible for numerous deaths both as a paid mercenary and for his personal pleasure. The character Wolverine is his long-time enemy, although conflicting accounts have been given as to the origin of their feud. It is also known that he and Sabretooth were victims of the Cold War supersoldier program Weapon X, and that Sabretooth saw Wolverine as competition and tried to make his life miserable. While Wolverine is depicted as suppressing his more savage qualities, Sabretooth does the opposite and embraces them.

Sabretooth is a mutant with a number of natural mutant powers and artificial improvements to his physiology. His primary mutant power is an accelerated healing ability that allows him to regenerate damaged or destroyed areas of his body and cellular structure far beyond the capabilities of an ordinary human. He can regenerate organs such as missing eyes and large portions of flesh. Sabretooth's natural mutant attributes stem from, at least partially, his accelerated healing factor. This "healing factor" also grants him virtual immunity to poisons, most drugs, toxins and diseases, and limited immunity to the fatigue poisons generated by his own body. The unique regenerative qualities of his healing powers and "age suppression factor", Sabretooth's natural aging process, cause him to age at an unusually slow rate. While he is of an unknown advanced age, Sabretooth has the appearance and vitality of a man in his physical prime.

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Colossus (Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin) is a fictional character, a superhero in the Marvel Comics universe. . A Russian mutant, the character is a member of the X-Men, and is by far the physically strongest X-Man. Even without his powers he still cuts a physically imposing figure standing at 7'5". Throughout the series he has been portrayed as a quiet, shy character, honest and innocent. He's now a man without a family, having lost all whom he's ever loved including his parents, brother, sister and even Kitty PrYde , his primary romantic interest. He has had a fairly consistent presence in X-Men-related comic books since his debut. Also a talented artist, he only reluctantly agrees to use his powers in combat, feeling it is his responsibility to use his abilities for the betterment of human and mutant-kind.

Colossus is a mutant that has the ability to transform his entire body into a form of 'organic steel', with properties analogous to osmium but of still unknown composition. Colossus cannot transform a portion of his body into this armored state; he must either transform completely or remain within his normal state. When he transforms, he gains around a foot in height and his weight is at least doubled. In his armored form, Colossus possesses superhuman levels of strength, which currently slightly exceeds that of The Thing, as well as superhuman stamina and durability.

His physical strength is currently greater than when he first joined the X-Men, since he was a teenager at the time. While in his armored form, Colossus requires no food, water, or even oxygen to sustain himself, and is extremely resistant to injury. He is capable of withstanding great impacts, large caliber bullets, falling from tremendous heights, temperature extremes of hot and cold, electricity, and certain magical attacks. It has been shown that he is vulnerable to the anti-metal vibranium in his metal form, his body instinctively shifting to human form when faced with a vibranium weapon.
Colossus is also an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, having received training from Wolverine and Cyclops. He also has had training in acrobatics and sword fighting from Night Crawler . In his human form, he is exceptionally strong and fit, though not superhumanly so. He has also completed college-level courses at Xavier's school.



Cannonball (Samuel Zachary Guthrie) is a fictional Marvel Comics superhero, associated with the X-Men.
Cannonball is a mutant who possesses the ability to fly at jet speeds while encased in an invulnerable force field. The eldest of a large Kentucky coal mining family, Cannonball is one of few X-Men from a southern, rural background and has maintained the values of civility, hard work, and a strong commitment to his beliefs throughout his career as a superhero. Several of his siblings are also mutants and have joined X-Men-related teams, including his sisters, Paige and Melody, and brothers Jay and Jeb. Other siblings include a brother named Lewis, and sisters Joelle and Elizabeth.

Cannonball was a founding member of the X-Men's junior team The New Mutants. He joined The New Mutants' later incarnation X-Force, serving as second-in-command and field leader. He joined the X-Men, becoming the first member of a secondary team to "graduate". His tenure was complicated by clashes with superiors and he eventually rejoined X-Force and later the X-Men once more.
A "salt-of-the-earth", honest, well-mannered and responsible young man, Guthrie is a natural leader. Guthrie is a fan of science fiction, especially the works of Robert A. Heinlein.

Cannonball is a mutant that possesses the ability to bodily generate thermo-chemical energy and release it from his skin. This energy is used as thrust to cause his body to be propelled through the air like a rocket, at great heights and speeds with considerable maneuverability. He can control his speed and direction through sheer act of will. At first, he could only release this energy from his feet and legs, but now he can fire it from almost any part of his body, to a wide variety of effects. This energy also manifests itself as an impenetrable and virtually indestructible "blast field" that protects him from bodily harm. He can use this blast-field for the following effects: to function as a personal shield or extending it to encompass others, to shape the field around another person to imprison them, or to absorb outside kinetic impact into his own energy supply, enabling him to increase the bludgeoning power of his blows or to create explosive shock waves upon impact.

His power levels have varied over the years - but at his peak, he has been able to devastate several city blocks by plummeting to the ground from high altitude, as well as absorb (and redirect) the force of one of Gladiator's strongest punches.
He may also be a member of the immortal mutant group the Externals, due to his apparent ability to return to life after death.
This however is highly disputed

Why Do we Dislike Taking Risks

Do you believe in the saying “You will never know unless you try it”? This is what I have learned after visiting Arina Self help blog and her wonderful article abot “Why Do We Dislike Taking Risks?”. I have learned that there’s nothing to worry and there’s nothing to be afraid of in taking risks. What important is to know what costing you not to take that risk so that you will now what you need to overcome. We should be confident in taking risk and never consider any failures. And again we can never know a thing unless we try it.



The Juggernaut (Cain Marko) is a fictional character that appears in publications published by Marvel Comics.
Debuting in the Silver Age of comic books, the character has appeared in over four decades of Marvel publications, featuring prominently in the X-Men titles and starring in several one-shot publications. The character has also been associated with Marvel merchandise including clothing; toys; trading cards; animated television series; video games and a feature film.

Cain Marko found the Gem of Cyttorak, which via a transference of mystical energies transformed him into a magical avatar of the entity. As the Juggernaut, Marko possesses tremendous strength; being capable of shattering mountains and lifting and using buildings as weapons, and durability, which is amplified by a mystical force field that grants near invulnerability

The forcefield, however, can be neutralised by magic. Once in motion, the Juggernaut is also like his namesake physically unstoppable. The Juggernaut can also survive for long periods without food, water or even oxygen.

The Juggeranut's weakness is his helmet: once removed, the character is vulnerable to mental attacks.

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