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Twelve is a character in the Street Fighter series. He first appeared in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike and is voiced by Lawrence Bayne. Twelve is the ultimate result of Gill's "G-Project," a biological warfare operation headed by Dr. Kure and overseen by Gill's brother, Urien, whom Twelve considers to be his father. A mimetic genetic creation, Twelve is able to assume the forms of other people and change the shape of any part of his body to fit the task at hand. He is also extremely resistant to damage and slavishly obedient, making him the perfect soldier. Once Twelve was declared a success, mass production began, and the original was sent on a special mission: locate and retrieve Necro, the original G-Project prototype, and Effie, Necro's companion and the one who freed him from the laboratory. In the game, when Necro encounters Twelve, Twelve is accompanied by several more of his "brothers" before he decides to fight Necro himself.

Whilst he can theoretically take on virtually any form, Twelve's default appearance is a milky-white semisolid male human. His body is generally smooth and featureless. His head is equally smooth and sloped like a helmet with a pair of thin, black eyes set above an expressionless, narrow mouth. Though he can alter his shape, the transformation is not perfect: he will maintain his coloring even on details such as clothing.Twelve's unusual fighting style extends to more than simply transforming his limbs into axes, spikes and other weapons. He is the only character with an air dash, which can alter the arcs of his jumps. He can also "crawl" on the floor, allowing him to remain mobile while evading many ranged attacks. Twelve can also render himself invisible for a short time using his taunt. His X.C.O.P.Y. super move transforms him into a copy of the opponent, allowing him to use any of that characters' standard moves.


T. Hawk, or Thunder Hawk , is an American Indian video game character in Street Fighter series. He was first introduced in Super Street Fighter II, and has made a few recent appearances after. When he was an infant, he and the members of his tribe were being forced off their land by Shadaloo. Some of the Thunderfoot members resisted and fought against them, and many were killed, including T. Hawk's father, Arroyo Hawk, who was killed by a younger M. Bison[1]. Now living in Mexico near the Monte Albán plains, T. Hawk wants nothing more than revenge from Bison for his despicable actions and to reclaim the land that was taken from his people.The Thunderfoot tribe had experienced disappearances of many of their people, T. Hawk took the responsibility of finding them. One of them, his beloved Julia, became Juli, one of Bison's brainwashed dolls.

He is the equal of Zangief in strength, but uses more finesse in his attacks. Though large, he can defeat many smaller, more agile fighters with his devastating Rising Hawk, Diving Hawk, and Mexican Typhoon techniques. Unlike most bulky warriors, he does not like to grapple, but he can when necessary. More often, however, he uses the swooping aerial attacks also at his disposal.

A Surprise From my Uncle

I had a chance to talk to my Uncle last night. He's now working abroad and he's been staying there in Canada for almost a year now that's why i am very happy to get a chance to communicate with him. Actually we're trying to contact him since early last week but we failed to get a chance because of his busy working schedule. Uncle James and I were very close to each other and i remember he used to visit us here almost everyday before just to play with me.
And now that his working abroad, we never had a chance now to enjoy each others company. Anyway, i know how important his work is and i know that he should take that as his priority. He do not have any family yet but i'm sure he's thinking about it already.
Well, i enjoyed chit chatting with him and he even mentioned something about the laptop. He told he will be going back here in Philippines this year for a 2 months vacation and he told me that he's planning to buy me a new laptop as his gift. I was so surprised and i really don't know what to say. He's asking me for a brand and i told him that i would love to have a new Acer laptop. A lot of my blogger friends are buzzing about Acer and have mentioned a lot of good things about it. Good thing i have read some Laptop Reviews already before he asked me.
I am so excited to see my uncle and i am so excited to have that laptop too haha.

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Sodom is a video game character from the both the Final Fight and Street Fighter series. He first appeared in Final Fight. He was renamed Katana in the North American SNES version of Street Fighter Alpha 2 for name issues. He was a top member of the original Mad Gear gang. A Caucasian male born in the United States, Sodom is obsessed with Japanese culture and considers himself Japanese. He is well-versed in many elements of Japanese culture, though his usage of the language is somewhat dubious.
In the original Final Fight, Sodom controlled the Mad Gear gang from the Metro City Subway. He was undefeated in underground pro wrestling, albeit due to his use of "foreign objects" (the swords), until he met Guy, as well as Cody and Haggar. At first Sodom was honored to face a true ninja of Japanese descent like Guy, but this honor would turn into deep shame as Guy and his allies beat him. From then on, Sodom hated Guy for not only being one of the people to rid Metro City of his gang, but for destroying his undefeated streak which proved in his mind he was no match for a true Japanese fighter. The incident also cost him a lot of respect amongst his fellow gang members.

Sodom is the only character in Street Fighter Alpha 3 whose weapons he uses depends on what Ism is used. If using X-Ism fighting style, he'll use his katanas; otherwise, in the A-Ism and V-Ism styles, he will use his jitte. This is because his X-Ism visage is based on his Final Fight appearance.

Sodom was notable for being fairly difficult to defeat head-on in the original Final Fight, due to his dash attack being nearly invincible and quite damaging. However, it is possible to defeat him without actually taking any damage at all if the player approaches him along a vertical axis and uses grabbing and throwing moves, since his dash attack can only move horizontally or diagonally. Successful application of the above method can allow the player to easily defeat Sodom without harm, since he is the only boss character in Final Fight who does not have henchmen to back him up during battle.

In combat, Sodom wears tabi and geta, samurai gauntlets, blue jeans, body armor, and a samurai kabuto with a mask.

On the front of his outfit, Sodom has scrawled the Japanese kanji shi (死), meaning death. However, this kanji is not written properly, and actually has no meaning. Sodom's failed attempt at Japanese calligraphy emblazoned across his chest at all times is meant to be humorous.

He is never seen fighting without a pair of jitte or katana blades, making him one of the few characters to appear in the Street Fighter series to use weaponry. In the Japanese version of Final Fight, both katana are named Masamune, and Muramasa.


Skullomania was once an average salesman called Saburo Nishikoyama. His superiors were not pleased with his results as a salesman. Down on his luck and constantly under pressure for results, he volunteered to dress up and perform like a superhero at a carnival thrown for a top customer in their department store. He had hoped it would be chance to prove his value as a salesman. When he grabbed the attention of all in attendance, something clicked in him. Tired of his job, Skullomania decided to become a vigilante crime-fighter. Not much else is known of his past.

n Street Fighter EX2, like most other Arika characters, his storyline was changed. Instead of being a Japanese businessman, he was a defector from an army of an unknown nation. He and Shadowgeist are implied to be brothers.

Skullomania closely resembles a Japanese superhero called Kamen Rider, which interestingly enough, was based off of another character from the same creator called Skull Man.

Skullomania was officially used in the Arika game Technictix, released in Japan only. Skullomania also made an appearance in the PlayStation game, Fighter Maker, even with some of his special moves intact. His signature move is the Skullo Dream, an unblockable combo attack which is increasingly comedic in execution as the series progresses.


Sharon is a character who appears exclusively in the Street Fighter EX series by Arika. She debuted in the arcade version of Street Fighter EX 2. Sharon was entrusted to a monastery when she was still an infant. As she grew up, Sharon would began lead a double life, working as an A-class agent for a secret intelligence organization, as well as a nun raising orphans at the monastery she was raised at. Having never known her true parents, Sharon spent everyday wondering who they were and whatever happened to them. One day, Sharon's superiors gave her orders to assassinate a certain individual from a neighboring country. While investigating the crime syndicate her target belonged to, she learned that one of the group's key member has the same rose tattoo she has on her chest. Sharon decided to disregard her duty and infiltrated the syndicate to ascertain the identity of this individual and whether or not the person was related to her. While chasing the person with the rose tattoo, she approached the mastermind of the organization. However, she was unable to capture either.

The person with the rose tattoo had the same abilities and fighting style Sharon had, managing to overpower her. For insubordination against her organization, as well as defying her monastery's commandment on pursuing personal vendettas, Sharon was placed on house arrest for a month. After serving her sentence, Sharon went on to continue her search for the person with the rose tattoo.

Is it Practical?

There is a non stop argument whether it is practical to have an LCD TV or not. I have heard a lot of positive reviews about LCD tv thoguh there are some negative feedbacks too. So what's the difference between an LCD TV and the normal tv that we have at home?
Obviously, LCD Tv provides higher resolution and you can watch your favorite tv program in high definition. I'm sure you all want watching Super Bowl in a cool definition right as if you can feel that you're watching it live.
Aside from the high definition that LCD TV can provide, it is also not as space consuming as the normal televisions. We all know how bulky the normal tv right? It comes up with wider screens too. I have heard that there are Flat screen tv that are 40 - 70 inches wide! Wow! it feels like you're almost watching a movie on a theater!
LCD tv can provide greater audio system too! Nevertheless, flat screen tv are quite expensive than the normal ones but of course the money that you'll be spending for this is truly worth it because of the great entertainment experience it can provide right?
I also heard that LCD tv are quite sensitive and can easily be damaged but i guess it depends upon the brand of the tv. If you're planning to buy an LCD tv, better buy a trusted and well proven brand like Samsung TV. Well for me, buying a flat screen tv is a practical decision but if you are a busy person and used to spend minimal time at home, then what's the sense of buying an expensive gadget right? Well unless you have kids at home!

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Sean Matsuda is a character in the Street Fighter series. He first appeared in Street Fighter III and is voiced by Isshin Chiba in New Generation and Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact and by Mitsuo Iwata in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. Sean Matsuda was born in Brazil, though his paternal grandfather was Japanese. A keen basketball player, his main pastime is martial arts. Sean saw veteran World Warrior Ken Masters in action at the U.S. Martial Arts Tournament and swore to become his pupil.

Sean is often referred to as the "Dan Hibiki" of Street Fighter III Third strike. However, Sean was top tier in Second impact, so this comparison is questionable, as Dan is an intentionally ineffective joke character, whereas Sean is considered a difficult to use, but still an effective character. Sean was intended to be the only fighter who used Ryu and Ken's fighting style in the game until Capcom decided that Ryu and Ken were too popular to exclude.


Seth is the main antagonist of Street Fighter IV. He is the head of Shadaloo's weapon division, S.I.N. According to the official Street Fighter website, Seth is one of many genetically engineered replacement bodies for M. Bison. Bearing chrome skin and an extremely muscular physique, Seth is a synthetic human; whether android or cyborg is unclear. In his abdomen and enclosed inside a pattern consisting of the Eight Trigrams of Taoist cosmology is an exposed area, which contains a rotating yin-yang sphere. This sphere, which he calls the Tanden Engine, appears to be the source of his power, where it copies and translates the data from Seth's opponents, and allows him to mimic the special techniques of other fighters, such as Ken's Shoryuken, Guile's Sonic Boom, and Dhalsim's unique ability to stretch his limbs. When Seth uses his Tanden Engine to create a vacuum his skin color changes to navy blue, and his eyes turn black with a white iris.

Seth employs special powers and techniques from combatants in the game and appears to be one of the more powerful characters to appear in the Street Fighter franchise. His normal techniques are similar to Urien's and Gill's from Street Fighter III. He possesses various attacks such as a Shoryuken that can hit three times and is very similar to the one that Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Gouken, and Sakura use; Zangief's piledriver, Chun-Li and El Fuerte's Wall Jumps, Chun-Li's Yosokyaku and a variation of her Lightning Legs, Akuma and Gouken's Tenmakujinkyaku (Dive Kick), as well as vacuum blasts with the flick of his wrists, similar to Charlie's Sonic Boom. He also possesses a metamorphic body of sorts, being able to stretch his arms like Dhalsim, as well as teleport like him. His unique ability seems to center around space as he is able to suck in opponents from afar and pound on them afterwords. When using this ability, his body turns black temporarily.

Coffee Addiction

Good Morning guys! It's 9 am now and could you believe that? I am still awake! I do have an insomnia and usually I go to bed around 4 am to 5am. Well i guess this is one of my record breaking days so better mark it down on my calendar now! LOL

Anyway, since mom is currently on her business trip, i cooked my Breakfast myself. Well, there's nothing really special here. It's just the typical breakfast meal. I prepared sunny side-up egg (which doesn't turn out so good ^_^), hot dogs, mayonnaise and a bowl of chopped green mango. I really eat a lot during breakfast and then i tend to minimize my meal during lunch and dinner. Oh and i am in a "No Rice Diet" too so i tried my best not to be tempted with rice meals like "Sinangag" and "Tapsilog" (Native Filipino breakfast rice meals) If there's one thing on my menu that i can't live without, that would be coffee. I know it sounds ironic for an insomniac like me be addicted to coffee but i grew up loving this drink and i just can't control my self. Actually mom and dad are blaming my coffee addiction as the root cause of my insomnia.

Well, coffee is like a comfort drink for me already. It used to be my stress reliever and i feel like i am being energized every time i drink a cup of it. I think i consume 5 to 7 cups of coffee a day. I know its kinda unhealthy for me but don't worry guys, i am trying to learn how to minimize my addiction to coffee. Oh and did I mentioned that i am really good in making coffee? No matter if it's an instant coffee, brewed or Iced, i can make a prefect blend of it. I can identify if the coffee is great tasting or not by simply snuffing or smelling on it. In fact, i can start a Coffee Shop Business on my own already. But of course, my knowledge is not yet enough to take the risk. Well, it's not really a big deal knowing that there are now courses being offered at some schools about coffee making and proper blending. I can also read some guides online on how to start a coffee shop business and how to run it effectively and successfully.

(recycled photo)
Okay since were talking now about my business plan, i think my mom's Chicken Noodle soup deserves a special mention here and i think it would be great to include this on my menu. (wow i'm talking like an entrepreneur already hahaha)
Okay that's all for now guys... here's another round of coffee. Oh and this is my personal mug by the way!

J & J Contact Lenses?

I have been very choosy when it comes to skin Product. I do have sensitive skin that's why i try not to buy those brands that are not proven really effective. I actually grew up using Johnson & Johnson products. The company is well known for producing skin care and baby products. From my bath soap, to my lotion to my powder, name it! J & J has been a part of my daily life already. Anyway, i came across to a drug store yesterday since mom is asking me to buy her an ointment. She has been complaining about her backache lately and since i was at the mall yesterday, i grabbed that opportunity to buy a pack for her. One thing that took my attention while i was at the counter and about to pay my bills is a new product from J&J. I never thought that the company has come up with johnson & johnson lenses already. Actually the name of the product is Acuvue but there is the Jonhson & Johnson logo under the brand name. And because of my curiosity, i tried to search it online last night. Well, i found out that it is actually a disposable contact lens and it comes up with different variety. Some are for astigmatism and others are for vision correction purposes. Well, nowadays, contact lenses are not just use for correcting vision and poor eye sight but also as a fashion statement too. I love wearing prescription eyeglasses but they are too bulky unlike contact lenses. So maybe i'll try wearing them soon.

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Sakura Kasugano is a character in the Street Fighter series. She is a 16-year-old (as of Street Fighter Alpha 3) Japanese schoolgirl who has an intense fascination with Ryu. She has managed to copy and learn some of Ryu's techniques, but really wants him to train her personally.

Sakura typically fights in her school's uniform, a short-skirted sailor fuku (seifuku) with the collar popped and red bloomers underneath. She wears a red top under her uniform, red boxing gloves, and a white headband (given by Ryu before Street Fighter Alpha 2). She has short brown hair.

Chronologically, Sakura first appeared in Rival Schools, where she had begun to participate in street fighting after watching Ryu win the first World Warrior tournament. Rival Schools saw Sakura involved in the adventure between her school and various others in Aohura city. Fighting in it, she realized how much it meant to her to protect something she cared about.
Sakura fights in an emulated version of Ryu's fighting style. She can successfully manipulate ki and is subsequently able to perform the "Hadouken" energy attack (however, due to her lack of training, she cannot throw it the full length of the arena like Ken or Ryu can). Unlike Ryu and other warriors from the same style, however, she can control the size of her Hadouken and throw larger Hadouken projectiles that sacrifice range and execution speed for size and power (up to 3 times larger). In the Marvel vs. Capcom series, she throws her Hadoukens diagonally upwards, though her "Hiyakeshita" (literally "Sunburned") version still throws them horizontally). In Capcom vs. SNK, she is given an energy spark instead of a traditional projectile (called the "Hadoushou") that hits 3 times but is limited to the area in front of her hands (though her EX version lets her use her special version of the Hadouken).


Sagat is a character in the Street Fighter series. He was originally a boss character in the early editions of series. He was later turned into a regular, playable character. According to Street Fighter co-creator Finish Hiroshi, Sagat's style was modeled after dramatic television kickboxing personalities. Sagat won the title of Emperor/God of Muay Thai from Nuah Kahn as a teenager, and became a national hero in Thailand. He defended his title from a fighter named Go Hibiki, in a match that cost Sagat the use of his right eye, and cost Go his life. Go's son, Dan, swore revenge on Sagat.

Sagat plays similarly to Ken and Ryu, with some notable differences. Foremost is his attack range: his low attacks and standing horizontal kicks have impressive range. In Street Fighter II, producing an array of alternating high and low fireball attacks can confuse and greatly damage an opponent. This technique is less viable in later games where projectiles do less damage, or can otherwise be avoided. In Capcom vs. SNK 2, Sagat's normal attacks, particularly his crouching fierce punch, have unusually high power and priority, making him one of the easiest characters to use effectively in that game. He is also known for his multiple-hitting Tiger Uppercut (Tiger Blow in the Alpha series) which is similar to Ken and Ryu's Shoryuken/Dragon Punch. The Tiger Blow had low priority against Shoryuken. In Street Fighter IV, the Tiger Uppercut has priority even over Ken's EX Shoryuken. Sagat's attacks do much more damage than Ryu or Ken. Sagat's supermoves such as Tiger Genocide have great priority.

Negligence is not an Excuse!

I have been hearing some Plumbing related issues from my blogger friends. They keep on telling their unwanted experiences with their plumbing system like faucet stop draining water; too many spots on the bathroom floor; unwanted smell circulating in the bathroom and more. Well there's only one reason why they all ended up with this kind of problem and that is nothing but "Negligence".
You better not ignore any single problems with your plumbing system because this issues could get worst and you will came to a point that you need to have a major renovation on your house because of this. It is very advisable to hire a professional plumber like the Plumber Portland Or has because they keep your plumbing system in good condition for a long time. Well of course they cannot assure you that you will have no issues for a life time but at least, hiring a professional plumber will keep it in good condition for a long time.
Never also take the risk in fixing the issue all by yourself or hiring someone who do not have enough knowledge about plumbing repair because you will only make the condition worst.
So if you do not want to have an unwanted experience with your plumbing system better keep your eye on it and ask for Plumber for immediate help.

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