Saturday, February 12, 2011

Coffee Addiction

Good Morning guys! It's 9 am now and could you believe that? I am still awake! I do have an insomnia and usually I go to bed around 4 am to 5am. Well i guess this is one of my record breaking days so better mark it down on my calendar now! LOL

Anyway, since mom is currently on her business trip, i cooked my Breakfast myself. Well, there's nothing really special here. It's just the typical breakfast meal. I prepared sunny side-up egg (which doesn't turn out so good ^_^), hot dogs, mayonnaise and a bowl of chopped green mango. I really eat a lot during breakfast and then i tend to minimize my meal during lunch and dinner. Oh and i am in a "No Rice Diet" too so i tried my best not to be tempted with rice meals like "Sinangag" and "Tapsilog" (Native Filipino breakfast rice meals) If there's one thing on my menu that i can't live without, that would be coffee. I know it sounds ironic for an insomniac like me be addicted to coffee but i grew up loving this drink and i just can't control my self. Actually mom and dad are blaming my coffee addiction as the root cause of my insomnia.

Well, coffee is like a comfort drink for me already. It used to be my stress reliever and i feel like i am being energized every time i drink a cup of it. I think i consume 5 to 7 cups of coffee a day. I know its kinda unhealthy for me but don't worry guys, i am trying to learn how to minimize my addiction to coffee. Oh and did I mentioned that i am really good in making coffee? No matter if it's an instant coffee, brewed or Iced, i can make a prefect blend of it. I can identify if the coffee is great tasting or not by simply snuffing or smelling on it. In fact, i can start a Coffee Shop Business on my own already. But of course, my knowledge is not yet enough to take the risk. Well, it's not really a big deal knowing that there are now courses being offered at some schools about coffee making and proper blending. I can also read some guides online on how to start a coffee shop business and how to run it effectively and successfully.

(recycled photo)
Okay since were talking now about my business plan, i think my mom's Chicken Noodle soup deserves a special mention here and i think it would be great to include this on my menu. (wow i'm talking like an entrepreneur already hahaha)
Okay that's all for now guys... here's another round of coffee. Oh and this is my personal mug by the way!

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