Saturday, February 12, 2011

J & J Contact Lenses?

I have been very choosy when it comes to skin Product. I do have sensitive skin that's why i try not to buy those brands that are not proven really effective. I actually grew up using Johnson & Johnson products. The company is well known for producing skin care and baby products. From my bath soap, to my lotion to my powder, name it! J & J has been a part of my daily life already. Anyway, i came across to a drug store yesterday since mom is asking me to buy her an ointment. She has been complaining about her backache lately and since i was at the mall yesterday, i grabbed that opportunity to buy a pack for her. One thing that took my attention while i was at the counter and about to pay my bills is a new product from J&J. I never thought that the company has come up with johnson & johnson lenses already. Actually the name of the product is Acuvue but there is the Jonhson & Johnson logo under the brand name. And because of my curiosity, i tried to search it online last night. Well, i found out that it is actually a disposable contact lens and it comes up with different variety. Some are for astigmatism and others are for vision correction purposes. Well, nowadays, contact lenses are not just use for correcting vision and poor eye sight but also as a fashion statement too. I love wearing prescription eyeglasses but they are too bulky unlike contact lenses. So maybe i'll try wearing them soon.

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