Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is it Practical?

There is a non stop argument whether it is practical to have an LCD TV or not. I have heard a lot of positive reviews about LCD tv thoguh there are some negative feedbacks too. So what's the difference between an LCD TV and the normal tv that we have at home?
Obviously, LCD Tv provides higher resolution and you can watch your favorite tv program in high definition. I'm sure you all want watching Super Bowl in a cool definition right as if you can feel that you're watching it live.
Aside from the high definition that LCD TV can provide, it is also not as space consuming as the normal televisions. We all know how bulky the normal tv right? It comes up with wider screens too. I have heard that there are Flat screen tv that are 40 - 70 inches wide! Wow! it feels like you're almost watching a movie on a theater!
LCD tv can provide greater audio system too! Nevertheless, flat screen tv are quite expensive than the normal ones but of course the money that you'll be spending for this is truly worth it because of the great entertainment experience it can provide right?
I also heard that LCD tv are quite sensitive and can easily be damaged but i guess it depends upon the brand of the tv. If you're planning to buy an LCD tv, better buy a trusted and well proven brand like Samsung TV. Well for me, buying a flat screen tv is a practical decision but if you are a busy person and used to spend minimal time at home, then what's the sense of buying an expensive gadget right? Well unless you have kids at home!

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