Friday, February 18, 2011

A Surprise From my Uncle

I had a chance to talk to my Uncle last night. He's now working abroad and he's been staying there in Canada for almost a year now that's why i am very happy to get a chance to communicate with him. Actually we're trying to contact him since early last week but we failed to get a chance because of his busy working schedule. Uncle James and I were very close to each other and i remember he used to visit us here almost everyday before just to play with me.
And now that his working abroad, we never had a chance now to enjoy each others company. Anyway, i know how important his work is and i know that he should take that as his priority. He do not have any family yet but i'm sure he's thinking about it already.
Well, i enjoyed chit chatting with him and he even mentioned something about the laptop. He told he will be going back here in Philippines this year for a 2 months vacation and he told me that he's planning to buy me a new laptop as his gift. I was so surprised and i really don't know what to say. He's asking me for a brand and i told him that i would love to have a new Acer laptop. A lot of my blogger friends are buzzing about Acer and have mentioned a lot of good things about it. Good thing i have read some Laptop Reviews already before he asked me.
I am so excited to see my uncle and i am so excited to have that laptop too haha.

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