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The Juggernaut (Cain Marko) is a fictional character that appears in publications published by Marvel Comics.
Debuting in the Silver Age of comic books, the character has appeared in over four decades of Marvel publications, featuring prominently in the X-Men titles and starring in several one-shot publications. The character has also been associated with Marvel merchandise including clothing; toys; trading cards; animated television series; video games and a feature film.

Cain Marko found the Gem of Cyttorak, which via a transference of mystical energies transformed him into a magical avatar of the entity. As the Juggernaut, Marko possesses tremendous strength; being capable of shattering mountains and lifting and using buildings as weapons, and durability, which is amplified by a mystical force field that grants near invulnerability

The forcefield, however, can be neutralised by magic. Once in motion, the Juggernaut is also like his namesake physically unstoppable. The Juggernaut can also survive for long periods without food, water or even oxygen.

The Juggeranut's weakness is his helmet: once removed, the character is vulnerable to mental attacks.

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