Saturday, May 14, 2011

High Electric Bill

Is it just right to complain for your Electric Bill? Well, i really hate receiving bills and i know you guys feel the same way. But then again, we have no choice but to pay them since we are also the one consuming them. My Electric Bill is a jaw-dropping one! I don't know what exactly happened and why we ended up with such a high bill this month. As far as I know, we are not consuming that much of our electricity and we only have few electrical appliances at home so how come it went so high?
From Php1520 last month, it went up to Php2722 this month. Whoa! That's almost 50% higher than the amount we had last month! Well, i am using the computer almost 18 hours a day but other than that, i can't find any reason behind this High Electric Consumption bill.
We are not using Aircon and we do not watch TV that much since we're all busy with our work. Well, unless my siblings are the one behind the high Electric bill this month. They are the one left at home every time i go to work. Sounds like I need to interrogate them tomorrow about this hahaha. Well, i guess I have no choice but to pay them all. Aside from the Electric Bill, i need to pay my Internet, Telephone and Water Supply bills. Aaaaaaaah! I hate thinking about all these bills. I need to pay them before the Disconnection Notice arrives.
It's not my payday yet so i think i need to ask help from my Guardian Angel hahaha. Yup! I found my guardian angel in the nature of Fast Cash Loans ! They really help me a lot whenever i'm short. I used them to cover the rest of my expenses for a month. They used to shoulder my bills too and helped me to pay them in time. Well, just what the term suggests, you can get the money in no time as soon as you get approved. You can also apply online now!
If you are interested, you can check and see what else the site has to offer for you.
Well, that's all for now. I need to get some sleep to keep all these worries away. Sobs!

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