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Jonothon "Jono" Evan Starsmore, better known as Decibel or Chamber, is a fictional character, a Marvel Comics superhero associated with the X-Men and the New Warriors.
A British mutant, Jono possessed the ability to cast energy blasts from his chest. He had limited control of his power and destroyed much of his chest and lower face when his powers emerged. Recently, he lost his powers on 'M Day' and now uses technology to give himself sonic based abilities.
Jono was a member of the X-Men’s junior team Generation X, although he was sullen and moody and had difficulty bonding with teammates. He was briefly a member of the X-Men as well.

Previously, Jono possessed a vast furnace of psionic energy in his chest and mouth. He was able to concentrate these energies as concussive blasts of energy or focus to the size and strength of a laser. Although these powers removed otherwise vital parts of his body, Jono's powers have compensated for this loss: he possesses limited telepathic abilities which allow him to communicate on a limited scale, and has no need to eat or even breathe. On one occasion in Generation X Annual '97, Jono blew up—and was able to reconstitute—his entire body by sheer force of will, including repairing his damaged body. However the results did not last as his powers were too much for his body to contain. This has led to the suggestion that his physical form was nothing more than a shell to use as a furnace of pure psychic energy. At one point, fellow Generation X member Synch used his own "synching" ability to tap into and copy Jono's powers and flew. Jonothon himself had never exhibited this ability before or since.

Due to the events of House of M, Jono had been depowered. After the events of his kidnap by Clan Akaba, being infused with the blood of his ancestor, Apocalypse, Jono has been stated by Pete Wisdom as possibly being an omega-level mutant.

As Decibel, he uses technology to mimic sonic powers. Using these powers he is able to fly, create sonic blasts, and create force fields around himself and others.

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