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Armor (Hisako Ichiki) is a fictional character who exists in Marvel Comics' shared universe, the Marvel Universe. She is a mutant Japanese teenager who is enrolled at the Xavier Institute who retains her powers after the events of Decimation.
Hisako can generate psionic body armor that grants her superhuman strength and durability. The body armor protects her from powerful attacks and greatly strengthens the force behind her offensive blows. To some extent, she can shape her armor, as when she formed claws in a training session with Wolverine.
Hisako's armor is apparently strong enough to survive the heat caused from a long fall through the atmosphere. She can also cause her armor to be able to release a large amount of solid, concussive energy at once, but it may be difficult to perform. However, her armor is vulnerable to lasers as she has been struck by a laser based attack when investigating the five mile (8 km) strip of forest in China known as Tian. This vulnerability is explained when she stated that her armor still has to let light through

Wolverine is able to pierce through Hisako's armor with his adamantium claws, although he is not able to go through it with the rest of his body. In the same issue, Hisako, when asked by Wolverine what her powers "are made of," she replies, "It' family. I...I mean, the line of my ancestors passes this strength, this protection that I can access, it's hard to..." and trails off. In a recent issue of Wolverine Origins, Hisako's armor is shown to be able to withstand blows from the Muramasa blade, and is supposedly composed of memory.

Hisako has also received combat training from Wolverine and classes in tactics from Cyclops

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