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Cloak and Dagger, whose real names are Tyrone "Ty" Johnson and Tandy Bowen respectively, are a fictional comic book superhero duo in the Marvel Comics universe.
Tyrone "Ty" Johnson (Cloak) and Tandy Bowen (Dagger) met in New York City as runaways. Tyrone was a 17 year old teenage boy from Boston, Massachusetts with a debilitating stutter. He ran away to New York City when that speech impediment prevented him from stopping a cop from shooting and killing his childhood friend. Tandy was a 16 year old teenage girl from a privileged upbringing (born in Shaker Heights, Ohio) who ran away because she thought her multi-millionaire supermodel mother was too busy for her daughter with her career and social life. Originally when they met, Tyrone considered stealing Tandy's purse, only to be shamed when she kindly offered him money. A thief stole the purse and Tyrone retrieved it for her. Afterwards, they had dinner and became fast friends.

Tyrone acquired D'Spayre's Dark Form, which gave him the ability to create an aperture into the dimension of darkness and to dispatch persons into the darkness dimension. He also gained the abilities of intangibility, and the teleportation of himself and others through the dimension of darkness. Cloak is one of very few Marvel characters with the ability to teleport multiple persons simultaneously. Cloak feels a constant "hunger" which can only be assuaged by "feeding" either on light projected by Dagger or on light consumed from victims dispatched to the dimension of darkness.

Tandy has the ability to create psionic "light daggers" which travel wherever she wills them, and which drain living beings of vitality when struck. Her "light daggers" also have the capacity to cure certain persons of drug addictions, and can alleviate Cloak's hunger for light. Her powers do not work on animals.

Cloak and Dagger both have moderate experience at street-fighting, and Dagger's combat techniques utilize her light powers and ballet dance training, as well as her sense of spatial relations, which had been heightened by her temporary blindness.

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