Friday, December 4, 2009


I am a working student and in my case, time management is really important. It’s hard to balance both of my studies and work but I have to do this in order to continue my education. But sometimes, because of being so tired from my work, I am too lazy to finish my assignments especially those research papers and essays. It is such a shame to share this to you, but sometimes, I copying the work of others for the sake of doing my assignments. I know it is considered as an academic fraud or simply called Plagiarism but I really don’t have any choice. That’s why I’m very thankful to discover a site like that offers sample essays and other interesting research paper topics which really helps me a lot in my academic subjects. If you’re interested, just visit the site and see what the site has to offer for you

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foongpc said...

Hi blue, plagiarism is a big NO NO! But I can understand when you have lack of time. No wonder you don't blog sometimes - busy with your assignments? : )

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