Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Making a Special Proposal

If you found someone special and you came to point that you would like to make a proposal, how are you going to make it something special for her? How are you going to make it unique and one of a kind in a way that she's gonna remember it for the rest of her life? If most women are paying more attention in making their wedding more appealing, extravagant and inviting, most men are aiming to make their proposal special and memorable. I may not be the most romantic guy around but I've been dreaming to make a very special proposal if ever I found the right girl. We cannot deny the fact that making a proposal is a rare opportunity and something that is not done in a daily or even in occasional basis so why not exert some effort and try to make the best proposal for your sweet heart right?
So which should come first? Of course, you need to think of a venue. This is the place where the proposal will be made. If you are a hopeless romantic guy, then I'm sure you will come up with a great idea. It's your choice, you can choose between a highly expensive restaurant or a place that she's never been before.
Apart from the venue, you also have to come up with a romantic approach. How are you going to deliver those three important words to her? How will you ask her to marry you or be his man? If you watch romantic movies a lot, then you surely know how to get her sweet yes by doing a nice and creative approach to her.
To top it all, of course, your proposal will not be completed without the engagement ring. The wedding and engagement rings are more like a romantic symbol for every couple. It symbolizes the strength of their relationship. Of course, the quality will matters a lot so if you will offer an engagement ring, make sure you bought it from a well trusted jewelry store like those highly acclaimed college station jewelry shops in Texas.
To make it more special, you can also buy those custom rings like what most celebrity couple does. You can buy heart cut diamonds 0,30 carat diamonds, or any size or shape you desired.
I guess, meeting all these elements mentioned above, you will absolutely come up with a very nice and memorable proposal.
But of course, making such memorable proposal is not really necessary but don’t you think it would be nice if you will create such wonderful memories out from it. We also have to keep in mind that it's not just about the proposal but the feelings that you have for each other. If you are really meant to be, regardless of the proposal, God will make way so both of you will be together.

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