Monday, February 15, 2010


Fantomex is the name of a fictional character associated with the X-Men. The character initially comes across as a mix of Fantômas and Diabolik but this is all revealed to be misdirection, as he is an escaped experiment from the Weapon Plus Program. Fantomex was created by the Weapon Plus Program to serve as a super-sentinel against Earth's mutant population. Through experimentation with human-machine hybridization, Weapon Plus created a population of techorganic organisms whose living tissue was fused with sentinel nanotechnology at the cellular level.

Fantomex has an external nervous system referred to as E.V.A. He has mentioned that E.V.A. emerged from his mouth during his time in The World and developed into a techno-organic flying saucer-like vessel. The relationship between E.V.A and Fantomex is symbiotic, so if E.V.A. experiences pain when she is not within Fantomex, he will feel it as well. When E.V.A. is separated from his body, Fantomex feels no pain and seems able to ignore most injuries. Along with this symbiotic relationship, Fantomex is linked to E.V.A. via telepathy. He can see through E.V.A.'s point of view and can take control of her movement. However, this requires concentration on the part of Fantomex. Fantomex can create extremely realistic illusions, he calls this ability "misdirection". Moreover, E.V.A, as a bio-mechanical being, can reshape her body into a variety of forms, fly "herself" and can generate energy discharges to be used as weapons.

Fantomex contains multiple brains for parallel and independent thinking as well as nano-active blood. He also maintains an internal back-up nervous system which can be engaged if E.V.A. is damaged. However, this system is less complex than E.V.A. and prevents Fantomex from seeing colors. He can expertly read the body language of others and is a master at misdirection. This also allows him to create telepathic illusions that can fool some of the most powerful telepaths, including Professor X and Jean Grey, who also cannot tell whether he is lying or not. Fantomex can also enter a trance state and perform crucial tasks such as performing surgery on himself. In this state, he can also recover faster while placed in water. His mask incorporates telepathy-blocking ceramics.

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