Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Differentiating Copyright to Copywrite

We have to keep in mind that "copyright" is different from "copywrite" . Don't get me wrong but there's really a huge difference between the two and not just the way they are being spelled huh! (LOL) Anyway, Copyright is more of a legal concept that protects and gives the original author an exclusive rights for his work. Copywriting, on the other hand is the process whereby you legally protect everything from a book to a slogan.
The main objective of Copywriting is to promote a certain business by writing hard-hitting words that may boosts a business sales by attracting numerous customers.
Copywriters like Perry Belcher is very talented indeed as they they are all gifted with such amazing writing skills and strategy that may drive traffic or sales of a certain business.
Copywriting , however, is divided into different categories and it may vary depending on what topic are you trying to specialize in.
There are Marketing copywriters that work exclusively for businesses to provide an effective marketing strategy. There's the Political copywriter that deals with topics related to politics. You can check this video and see how it works.


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