Wednesday, January 18, 2012

To be A Copywriter

I have been aiming to become a certified copywriter someday. Writing has always been my passion and i feel like i can use that skills more in a copywriting field. Copywriters are the people behind those effective advertisements we've seen on TV, newspapers, radio , and electoral campaign and other kind of media. They are the one who establish hard-hitting words or slogan to promote a certain business. They are highly skilled writers that can craft words to make a business easy to be remembered by customers by throwing out creative words or writings that marks the readers or viewers mind for a long time.
A professional copywriter should be flexible and versatile and can work in any field or category whether it is something technical, political or marketing which makes their field a little bit challenging yet a very interesting and exciting one.
I'm not really sure if there's a certain course specializing about this field of work but i am really eager to enter such industry. I'm taking Perry Belcher as one of my inspiration. He's considered as one of the world's greatest copywriters. I might have to get a copy of his free copywriting newsletter . Yes! you heard that right. It's Free. Check this video to learn more.

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