Sunday, January 8, 2012

For Her Birthday

If there's something among us in the family who used to spend most of the time in the kitchen, keeping herself busy with cooking her special recipes, that would be no other than my mom. Cooking has been her passion ever since and we might be the luckiest people around for having such a talented and creative mom like her. And now, she is about to turn 51 today , January 9, and we're planning to make it extra special for her . Even though i have work today (and i can't have a VL since i am not a regular employee yet unless I can just go for AWOL). I just bought a Cake and a complete ingredients for her spaghetti though i don't have any gift yet ... sigh .
I better think of something before i got home from work. I might buy her a dress or a purse but I don't she will use it more often. It is very ideal to buy her some cooking materials since she used to spent most of her time in cooking,
If i only have a good budget, we might be able to hire some workers and renovate her kitchen to make it look more appealing than what it is right now. She's been aiming to have a nice countertops like that granite countertops san francisco in California, offered by Marble City. Well, aside from being immensely beautiful, it looks clean and fresh to me that would probably motivate all kitchen lover like my mom. Well, hopefully we'll make it possible any month this year.

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Anonymous said...

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