Monday, October 25, 2010

What Else Could She Wish For?

A successful singer, a talented dancer, a wonderful song writer, a multi awarded artist, a great actress, a philanthropist, a high profile product endorser, a diva, a legend, a fashion designer, an entrepreneur, a faithful wife. Name It! Beyonce got all those qualities and well deserved to be dubbed as one of the most successful women in the world. If there’s one category that is missing on her profile, that would be the category of being a mom. That is why a lot of her fans felt so glad after the rumors came out that she is pregnant. However, Beyonce denies the issue. The 29 year old singer was as surprised by the reports but the conflicting responses makes me wonder. I went to last night to see how dominant the issue is over the internet and it is not so surprising to see that a lot of people who Vote online using is in favour of Beyonce’s pregnancy. Well, no matter if the issue is true or not, i i will still love Beyonce and her timeless music.

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