Wednesday, October 27, 2010

When it Rains Outside

I am currently enjoying my 2 weeks semester break. I do not have any plans yet. Even my friends don't have any plans on what to do this vacation. And besides, it rains heavily outside so we have no choice but to postpone our gimmick and stay inside out house. Well, i cannot say that i am so unfortunate because i still have something to do to keep my self busy while having fun at the same time. I usually play my favorite US casinos online. In fact, i enjoy it so much and i would rather stay at home playing such games than hanging out with my friends. Well, i am not saying that i am addicted into it. I make sure that i play such games moderately. I always play it for fun and nothing else more. I am dealing with real money here so i still control my self. Just like what my dad said, never ever bet more than what you can afford since this is a game of chance and the "luck" will not always be on my hands.

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