Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thanks to Wind Generators

Election is almost done and the partial official counts are now very predictable. This is my first time to vote and I am so happy that I became a part of the first ever Philippine automated election. I voted for NoyNoy Aquino for my president while Jejomar Binay for Vice. For Senators, I make sure to include Bong Bong Marcos because of his great contribution in my beloved province of Batanes. One of his most notable contributions would the construction of wind generators in our area. Batanes is one of the areas that haven’t reached yet by electric genearators that is why most area of Batanes does not have electricity. That is why we are very thankful to Bong Bong Marcos for raising this project. These wind turbines help to convert wind power to energy. This energy will now be converted to electricity that will be distributed in different areas. These generators are very useful and change the lifestyle for each and everyone in out province. Yesterday, while I was searching over the web, I also found a site that offers wind turbines. Aelos wind turbine is being dubbed as the leading manufacturer of this kind of generators. If you are interested, you can visit them at and see that more the site has to offer!

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