Sunday, June 20, 2010

Chrome Accesories for Our Car

Even though how safe you are in driving, you can really not tell that you are 100% safe because of some reckless drivers who causes nothing but accident. Just like what happened to our old pick up car which is heavily scratched and damaged at the back part after being hit by a car. We've been spending a lot of money already for repairs and we're sick of it. No wonder why my dad decided to buy a new car instead of paying non-sense among of money for such a disastrous car. But we just realized that maybe it is our fault too. We failed to provide the best care for that car. We realized that maybe we should have added some chrome accessories to make that car more durable. Maybe we should have bought some chrome accessories and upgrade some of its part including the back shields, grilles, and even the tailgate handles to provide extra support. But it is too late already, my dad sold that car already. But it gives us an idea how to take care of our new car.

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