Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Redecorating my Car

Facing a heavy traffic is really irritating especially if you need to be at your office on time. And then, once you get there late, your boss will scold you to death and you have to give him hundreds of reasons to forgive you for being late. Then there are the heavy work loads that you have to finish within the day. This is my daily routine and I am really sick of it. I am tired of going home, bringing all the stress from work. My only stress reliever is my car. I love staying inside my car and the relaxing feeling that it offers.
As a car owner, I now my responsibility and I’ll do my best to make my car more appealing for me and for everybody. I upgrade some parts if necessary for better performance. I also buy some cool car accessories like GPS System, Floor mats, Seat covers and more to make it more appealing and more relaxing. Actually I am now planning to change my dash kits. I am done changing my floor mats and seat covers so I want to change my dash kits as well to match up with their colors. I found a very interesting one at Carid.com.I love the color and I’m sure it will perfectly match with my car.
I found a lot of great stuffs and cool car accessories at Carid.com so if you planning to redecorate your car, do not hesitate to visit their site and see what else they have to offer for you.

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