Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Being Responsible

Our mom taught us how to become responsible. We grew up not depending on our maids, we are doing all the house chores on our own. My mom usually set a schedule or a date in each of us. She also giving us our own area of responsibility. Like for example, i am in charge with the living room while my sister is in charge with the kitchen. We are doing this regularly because that is how my mom taught us to become responsible. However, i have to admit that i do complain sometimes especially when the given schedule is quite conflicting with my plans and my gimmicks. And i really hate the part where i have to clean our carpet in our living room. I just can't take it because aside from being so time consuming, it is really hard to clean too. No matter how many times i use our vacuum cleaner, it seems that the dirt and dust keep on coming back. If we are only residing in Australia, we can avail those Carpet cleaning Brisbane service to help us out with our carpet. They are experts and trained for this kind of procedure and i know they can remove all these dirt and dust in no time.


foongpc said...

I hate doing house hold chores especially cleaning the toilet!

foongpc said...

But believe it or not, I love washing the dishes!

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