Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Environmental Awareness

The sudden change of weather condition is quite alarming. It is one of the evident sign of what so called global phenomena, global warming. According to our professors, we, as individuals, can help to save our world from this threat and prevent it from getting worst in own simple yet special way. One of the most effective ways is to plant more trees. These trees will help to convert polluted gasses to fresh air. Here in our school, all students were encourage to plant trees in our environment and promote such information to others so that they are also aware about the harmful effects of this global warming. Actually, on our school, we have an area where plants are placed under led grow lights. These lights will help the plant to grow healthy. It is like an incubation device for infants. It is said that these lights can provide necessary nutrients for the plants. I guess, in this very simple way, we can help to build a clean earth and make it a safe place for everyone.

1 comment:

foongpc said...

Yes we need more trees to counter global warming. But a lot of countries are destroying their forests in the name of development. Sad!

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