Thursday, September 16, 2010

During Holidays

Holiday is coming and we are about to expect series of holidays coming. The countdown just got started as we only have 100 days left before Christmas. I remember, my childhood days when my mom take us to our God parents and greet them Merry Christmas. And then, our God parents will give us gifts which is either in form of gifts (material like toys) or money. We are so happy every time we received gifts from our Uncles and Aunties. But now, I am not that kid anymore. Actually i am now a God parent my self and those kids usually dropped by at my house to greet me. I usually spend my Christmas at home playing video games with my cousins. I was addicted to Online casino gambling as it is much exciting and much thrilling than video games. You will be dealing with the real money here so it is like you are playing in a real life casino. i usually play this game not occasionally but every time i am free (during my rest day from work in particular). Anyway, i want to grab this opportunity to greet everyone in advance a happy happy holiday!

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