Sunday, June 19, 2011

3 Days Holiday

We just had a general cleaning in our house. We grabbed this opportunity while I'm still enjoying my 3 days break. I can hardly find time to do these activities that's why i am really grateful that I was given a 3-day break but of course, i will not be spending these days entirely for cleaning, I have plans too and I am planning to treat Milzon to Manila Ocean Park this Monday. Monday is an official non working holiday here by the way, in celebration of our national hero's birthday.
And since Milzon keep on requesting me to take him to Manila Ocean Park, I will certainly grab this opportunity to treat him.
But before that, I think I'm going to be very busy today. There are so many things to clean here and i am planning to dispose some of our old stuffs or maybe I'll organize a garage sale.
In addition to that, i have to find someone who can fix our broken glass window near our kitchen. I really don't know what happened and I just don't want to blame anyone in our house so to fix the issue, i will just hire someone to replace it for us. I guess replacement is way lot better than repair. I just hope i can find a company here that offer a very satisfying service, something similar to that Windows Portland Replacement Service in Oregon.
Well i have to get ready now, my friend will help me to find a window replacement service and he will be arriving here soon. Gonna have my shower now.. See yah later guys.

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