Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lake Oswego Golf Course

Have you heard about that Lake Oswego Golf Course? Most of my blogger friends keep on buzzing about this place, sharing their experience on the said place. I really want to try golfing too but it's not a perfect time yet because the weather recently is not so cooperating and it's not really ideal to play golf during this rainy season. Maybe I'll wait until the next summer and I will encourage most of my friends and office mates too.
Anyway, back to Lake Oswego Public Golf Course and Practice Range, I have heard that the place is known for amazing Golf Courses Portland in Oregon, making me so eager to visit that place soon if ever get a chance.
If you guys interested to know more about Lake Oswego Public Golf Course, you can visit their site at I have heard that they are offering some cool discount packages and blowout specials too. They also organize open tournaments which is more exciting right?
Must have a training first before joining that competition and besides, i am not really after the contest or competition. I am up to the fun and the enjoyment that this sport can bring.
Have you tried playing golf too? Feel free to share your experience here. Oh and if you don't mind, feel free to share some tips too hehe.
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