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Cody Travers is a video game character from both the Final Fight and Street Fighter series. He has been fighting his way to survive the harsh slums of Metro City since he was a kid.
In his initial appearances, from Final Fight up to Street Fighter Alpha 3, he wore hand wraps, a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and tennis shoes. In Street Fighter Alpha 3, he appeared in a blue and white striped prison uniform with handcuffs alongside the aforementioned hand wraps and tennis shoes (though, oddly, he appears to be wearing the handcuffs by choice as he can freely remove them at will when he taunts). In Final Fight: Streetwise, Cody wears his classic original outfit, but with an orange prison shirt over the t-shirt.

His trademark attacks are the Bad Stone, in which he throws a normal rock with the force of other fighter's projectiles, the Criminal Upper, in which he throws an uppercut that releases a multi-hitting tornado that blocks projectiles, the Ruffian Kick, a charging kick attack that varies on attack level depending on which button used, and the ability to use a knife lying in the middle of the stage in all of his fights, which Cody can pick up by pressing crouch and two punch buttons. This is a throwback to Cody's favored weapon in Final Fight, in which he was the best character at using knives. In Super Street Fighter IV, he gains a new technique called the Zonk Knuckle, which is a sucker punch that can be charged in a similar manner as El Fuerte's Quesadilla Bomb, or Balrog's Turn Punch.

Cody's A-Ism Final Destruction super move is a reference to a glitch in the original Final Fight, in which a player could start an attack combo, deliver two hits, and turn around, instantly canceling the combo, allowing the player to turn back and chain the same two hits. Repeated, this could act as an infinite combo attack. Cody mimics the attack, and accordingly, Final Destruction is a devastating move if it connects. In X-Ism, using this move replaces his moves with the original Final Fight moveset: tapping any button repeatedly performs his normal combo from Final Fight, and all his air attacks are replaced with the F+HK Crack Kick.

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