Friday, November 19, 2010

Visiting the Dentist Regularly

Last time, Mirasol had a dentist check up as a part of their school’s policies. I actually like the way their school prioritizing such activity and give awareness to kids and help them learn the benefits of having clean teeth. Actually, it reminds me of the “Brittany/ Britney” episode of Glee where they emphasizes one of its new recurring Character, Dentist Carl (a new love interest of Emma). Well, I find the episode weird because the kids were like hallucinating after each check up they had and they were like fantasizing Britney Spears. Well, at least, it is nice to know that even in America, Schools also have that regular dental check up to help kids fight those cavities away. Well, dentist is such a wonderful profession but it is a challenge for most of them to encourage kids to have their teeth be checked regularly. In fact, I just found out that Children Dentists Vancouver WA have their own style of motivating kids and encouraging them to go to their clinic. Maybe they treat the kids so friendly, making the kids want to go back. Well, it’s amazing to see kids wearing that confident smile right? So let us encourage our children to visit the nearest Dentist clinic in your area

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