Friday, November 26, 2010

Korean Style

I went to a salon yesterday. Well, it is very rare for me to visit a salon because i used to go to a barbershop to have my hair cut. But because of my current hairstyle, i have no choice but to look for an expert hair dresser. I am highly influenced by Korean Fashion. They made a huge impact here in our country. As in you can hear their pop music from one radio station to another. Even their fashion statement was adapted here in our country by most teenagers and i am one of them. I got this emo looks early this year and i used to maintain it by going to a salon and let the hairdresser trim it as exactly as i wanted to be. However, my hair gets very dry because of the frequent using of hair dye and gel. The hairdresser told me to use hair conditioner after every shampoo. This will add moisture to my hair and make it more neat and smooth. I was even told to use deep conditioner to revitalized my damaged hair and bring it back to its healthy condition.

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