Friday, November 26, 2010

False Alarm

I’ve been complaining about this back ache since last week. I do believe that it’s just because of the stress brought to me by my job and my school. I am a working student and managing my time is not that easy. I have to count every second and handle my schedule wisely in order to accomplish everything in a day. My mom told me to visit my doctor and have my back be checked. She’s worrying that there can be another reason why my back is aching and she just wants to make sure if nothing is wrong and it’s just a simple back ache. I really don’t want those checkups because i was traumatized by this before. There was this doctor who gave us false alarm. I remember i was complaining about my stomach at that time. My mom and i went to that doctor and let my stomach be checked. We were very shocked when he told us that i was suffering from a cancer. I remember how my world broke into to pieces at that time that i found out that i have a cancer. Well, my mom found the result quite suspicious and so we went to another doctor. This time, the doctor clarified that i do not have any cancer; it was just an internal bleeding and can be cured by medication. It was a great relief after we found out that the “cancer thing” was nothing but a false alarm. And this gave me a phobia especially whenever i hear those Medical malpractices on tv. It gives me a lot of worries that the same thing can happen to me if ever I undergone any medical surgery. While i was surfing the web last night, i discovered a site that offers protection for those who were victimized by this unacceptable medical malpractices by those unprofessional surgeons and doctors. Those who were victimized by what so called “hip implant failures” for example can file a DePuy hip lawsuit to protect and fight for their rights as victim patients. This gives me hope and courage and lessens my fear too knowing that there are people behind me no matter what happen.

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