Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Busy and Tiring Week

It has been a very stressing week! I attended a lot of social events this whole damn week. Well, you all know that I am a working student. I work every morning and study every night. But aside from this very stressing Work-school routine, I have to attend several parties. Too bad that my mom has a very important business trip and my dad won’t be able to attend the event so I have no choice but to join Milzon’s party the whole week. I attended Milzon’s Christmas Party last Tuesday. It was kinda stressing because I have to participate in most of their fun activities. Yes it’s fun but a bit tiring. And then I have to join Milzon again for his lantern parade. We’ll have to walk for such a long distance to parade our lantern. I was like almost dying and want to go for a break. Yes! I deserve a break!! Since I have no events to attend to and since it is my vacation starting today, I will definitely grab the opportunity to take a break, keep my self away from those stresses and have some fun. Oh! Will definitely play my favorite Online casinos to entertain me while I’m a very long break. It must be boring if I do not have something to play with right? Okay, I think my head is starting to ache now…. Gonna have to sleep for awhile…. Have a great day guys!

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