Monday, December 20, 2010

I deserve a Treat

It’s been as very stressing week. As you know, I am a working student and managing my time for both of my school and work is very stressing indeed. However, this week was very challenging to me because I had to attend several occasion aside from my daily School-work routine. I attended Milzon’s Christmas party yesterday and have to participate some of its events; I also have to join Milzon in his Lantern parade this afternoon. Too bad mom cannot attend any of the said events because she has a lot of things to do related to her work. Melvin is currently spending his vacation with Mirasol in our province which makes it no choice for me to do all the tasks and chores. I think I deserve a rest and I deserve something to treat myself. Maybe I can just buy one of those Authentic Blancpain Watches like the Blancpain Type XXI or the Blancpain Le Brassus for men.

I have enough budget for this item and I can even ask my mom to add more to make sure I can buy it. Having such a great watch will definitely give a great relief of all the stress I got from my work and school.

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