Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Criteria for a Clean Bathroom

I'm always dreaming to have a clean and nice-looking bathroom. Actually, every time i visit a friend's house or every time i check in at some hotel whether it's a budget hotel or a luxury one, the first thing that i check as i enter the room is the bathroom. I don't know why but i feel much comfortable if the bathroom is clean. And i'm sure most of you feels the same way too.
What makes a bathroom clean for me? Well of course, i don't want to see some spots on the floor tiles. Also, i want a the toilet bowl to be spotlessly clean too. And also, the most important thing of all, NO UNPLEASANT SMELL coming out from either the sink or the toilet bowl itself.
Actually, i had a very bad experience before. Well we had a guess that time. As far as i remember she was my mom's colleague. Well here's what happened, she asked my mom if she can use our bathroom and so my mom permitted her without knowing that there is something wrong with our piping system which is also my fault because i accidentally flushed my loofah. Disgusting right? Well here's more. We were all shocked when she went out from the bathroom vomiting. We checked the bathroom and there is such a horrifying smell circulating inside. The rest is history. Oh did i mention that my mom scolded me after that incident haha.
Well, We have learned a lesson. Never ignore a simple piping issue because this simple problem will end up to a disastrous outcome. Since then, we always call for a plumber to check the pipes from time to time. Though unlike the plumbing services in singapore , the plumbing services here is not open 24/7. Yup! You heard that right! Family Plumber, leading plumbing services company in Singapore opens 24/7 to help their customers. Amazing right?

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