Thursday, March 17, 2011

Embarassing Experience With our Car

What is your most embarrassing experience with your car? Have you ever been stranded into a place because your engine failed? I did!
Yup! That was way back 2009 when my dad and I decided to visit my grandparents in our province at Alaminos Panggasinan. We used to go there every summer but the our trip last 2009 went down to one of the most embarrassing trip i ever had. We were driving on that rocky and muddy road and we were like 16-20 Kilometers away from our destination. And then all of a sudden, the engine failed and we were just surprised to see the smoke coming out from it. Well here's the thing, me and my dad have no idea on about troubleshooting. Okay, i took a vocational course about automotive 5 years ago and i am so ashamed to tell you guys that i forgot all those lectures being taught to us.
Anyway, we have no choice but to left the car there and look for someone to pick it up for us. We decided to commute in order to reach out destination. We ended up paying for the transportation, paying for the pick up service and paying for the repair!
Obviously it is the most embarrassing summer i ever had. And now that it is Summer and we are about to visit our grandparents again in Alaminos, I am hoping that it will never happen again to us. I encouraged my dad to bring his car to a repair shop to check if the engine is in its good condition. I told him to bring his car into a well trusted company like that Auto Repair Federal Way in Washington. The company has been serving their customers for amazingly over 28 years. I wish we could find something like that here in our country so that we can never experience the same embarrassment again with our car.

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